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Thomas E. Brady


St. Thomas, PA, US

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On Painting Gertude Stein


Thomas E. Brady

a blessed beast a cow a sow
a slouching silhouette a bitch
a tramp a bitter disease a whore
red too red and all too easy
way she lies
I cannot paint today
this line is wrong
and that leads off to infinity
and only heralds harm,
maybe tomorrow the light will be better
and her memory not so fresh and warm.
A bit of bread and wine
the stench of her admirers
has put me off a bit,
the heavy tread of step upon her creaky stair
annoys me. Those other daring fellows, the ones with flowing hair,
they do not understand the shadows, do not look inside the chair
they cannot see the form within or do not care
they cannot feel the painted trollop or walk within the stare
the mud is wrong the chair is keening like a trumpets blare
the curtains glare. her makeup is too fair.
A bit of bread and wine
the stench of her admirers
has put me off a bit,
I cannot paint today.