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Jim Brady


Tacoma, WA. US

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Jim Brady

Hail beats upon the earth
Ground winces from it's sting
The frozen ice lays grass flat
A message it does bring

It shows the earth of great power
How things can change so fast
The hard ground can be scarred forever
For bending grass... it doesn't last

The grass knows to bend and sway
Hail brings the water it needs
The ground holds on and does not bend
Hail makes it crack and bleed

Which will I be when beatings come
Changing grass or stoic ground
Will I bend or crack and bleed
When thunder makes it sound



Jim Brady

A tiny world it is, the world of apartments
Globes filled with a society of mourners
The screaming alcoholic next door
The man in a wheelchair, two doors down
Both mourn a loss

One wastes his life
The other, life says is a waste
A transitional place this is
A place to grieve, a place to heal
A place to begin again

Some stay inside, never leaving their rooms
Hidden safely in the sorrow of their mind
Some stay real busy, each mourn in their own way
For mourning is as individual as
The person who mourns

But the mourning must end
For the new to begin, the past must be left where it lay
The present lived, the future planned
As the walk begins with one step
One great step into the light



Jim Brady

Imitation fills our world
Professing that it is real
Words seem to lead the way
In expressing how we feel

We say we love, or say we hate
Are our feelings truly known?
For everyone has their own idea
Definitions, in the mind, are grown

If I say, "I love you"
Is it really known what I mean?
Trying only to understand words
Negates the eyes, where it is seen

Love is much more than a word
It's a living, growing emotion
It is seen and is felt
In its continual motion

Please don't limit the emotions
To your definition of a word
Rather, listen for the sound
Truly, its voice will be heard.



Jim Brady

I was walking along the other day
And saw a man digging through trash
I thought it sad and heard myself say
"Sir, don't you think that's quite rash?"

He looked up to me as if I'd gone mad
And said, "Rash is not what I be"
"I'm sorry my treasures make you feel sad"
"My pain is for you, not for me"

The puzzled expression he saw on my face
Turned his dull eyes aglow
He said, "I'm not in this to win some great race"
"It's me I'm searching to know"

"For my life has been spent chasing wild dreams"
"Of power and glory and more"
"Searching through junk is not what it seems"
"It hold the key to my door"

I understood just what the man meant
This 'junk' was the past he held dear
To others the man may seem totally bent
To me he was perfectly clear.

The Man


Jim Brady

I watched a man wandering through the forest
He bumped into trees
He fell to his knees
Then got up and walked on some more

He appeared to be blind from the way he traveled
As he stumbled and fell
He cursed at his hell
His arms outstretched feeling his way

It was a beautiful sunny day, but he didn't notice
He cursed at the sky
Questioning why
His life had turned out in this way

Silently he waited, as if an answer would come
He stood up to race
Pain painted on his face
Turning to me, he knew I was watching

Staring, we looked deep into each other
All at once I could see
The man was me
He cried, something I couldn't do

As I stared, the man vanished from sight
I was left all alone
Not knowing the way home
I stretched out my arms and began to walk.



Jim Brady

I'm walking the walk
Through those long narrow halls of yesterday
The pictures are crooked and need dusting

Their sorrow reaches out to me
As I pass by I glance at a few, and
I feel the love they once held

They tell of hopes and dreams
That were never fulfilled
Of lives twisted, by each other

They show time as an eternity
Always waiting, always hoping the right
Action or word will be said

One frame holds a maiden, in waiting
Another a gallant white knight
In their eyes is the hope of rescue

My tears grow stronger
As I view three pictures in a cluster
Their eyes are fixed on the maiden and knight

Their eyes are full of sadness
For in their young hearts, they know
The rescue has long since passed

They watch as the caretaker enters the hall
He removes the knight from its place
Tears flow down the canvas

I looked to the maiden
As she watched the knight removed
Her lip had a quiver, her vale wet with tears

The three looked to her
And she to them
Their pain echoed through the hall

I looked at the wall, where the knight was hung
It said, "I grieve for the love that has died."



Jim Brady

The moon drifts slowly by
Shrouded by the clouds on high
As the new-born sun caresses
The early morning sky

They share the same world
The same space in time
In harmony they mark our lives
One on the decent, One beginning its climb

Each ending had a beginning
Each beginning had an end
The scars left by the moon
The suns light will soon mend

The cycle carries on
As our life marches by
Through change and transition
Does anything really die?

Dead Leaves


Jim Brady

I look outside to the trees
Their leaves have all fell down
I wonder, do they feel the pain
As each one hits the ground

Does it hurt as they transform
Or do they just let go
Do they struggle holding on
And not let feelings show

Do they know it's all a part
Of their plan to survive
To let go old, so new can start
And keep the tree alive

The old leaf has outgrown its use
Its purpose is now past
The old must die for new to grow
The cycle has been cast

Old must leave, so new can come
To hold old is to die
The new will bring new life and hope
Let the dead leaves lie.

Bended Knee


Jim Brady

Sometimes through the fog it's hard to see
Which way to turn, which way is right
Fear shouts, "What will become of me?"
It's these choices which make me uptight

As the fog starts to lift, the way is seen
I turn to the path which seems true
Yet, I still find myself stuck in between
With no answer for what I should do

Is there only one way to travel this land?
My mind tells me this is so
Faithfully I move, holding onto the strand
That my mind knows which way to go

Confusion sets in, my mind hasn't a clue
As to the fate or the end of my journey
The answer is found by calling on You
In the calm silence of bended knee.

Cold Winter


Jim Brady

The tender bud of a new leaf
The rising sun of a new day
Both bring to man a new belief
Cold winter has passed away

The freshness of a warm spring rain
Blue skies held up above
Sing to man a great refrain
Of never ending love

The earth is bursting with new song
Life budding all around
Cold winter sometimes seems so long
When only darkness can be found

The past is gone, new can begin
The trials have been survived
Darkness gone, the sun comes in
The earth has been revived.

Defining Love


Jim Brady

Can love truly be defined?
Packaged all neatly and placed
On the shelf with the label "This is it"
So all who pass will know
What love should be

To label and define
Is to limit and reduce an item
To the thoughts and beliefs of one
Or a group whose job is to box
That which cannot be

How to define something
Which can only be experienced
Experiences guide and shape
The people we are, thus
Our life becomes an expression
Of what love is

As we strive
To define the undefinable
To shelf that which belongs in our hearts
The experience is diminished
Our love is not shown

If love must be defined
Then look into anothers eyes, and
You will find the experience for yourself
It will become your definition of love
To show someone else



Jim Brady

To be as fragile as an icicle
Hanging boldly in the noonday sun
When will the melting end,
Will the falling ever be done?

The chill runs through the center
As the outside continues to melt
The pain runs throughout
So deeply it is felt

The question must be asked
Why was I formed this way?
Why am I in this precarious position?
Left to face the light of day

Did the icicle have any choice
The way it was made, did it have a say?
Did it know it would disappear
As the life-giving sun took it away

The heartaches it has felt
As all of its friends died
The last drop fell, splashing to the ground
I watched, I cried.



Jim Brady

I've been called a dreamer
Rightly so
For without the dream, the vision
How would goals be achieved
A man without vision is lonely

The dream gives and brings life
To the lonely spirit
A smile to the sorrowful face
A quickness to the slow beating
Of a sad heart

Yes, I'm a dreamer, and
Wouldn't have it any other way
Dreams are not the destination
But rather the guide posts along the way
Through this life

As one is passed, another appears
To continue the quest
So dream, my friend
And fear not
As you move towards your dreams

For as one is reached, another will appear.



Jim Brady

The youngest bird learns to fly
By being forced out of the nest
Before the leap, you hear the cry
Of the young birds fatal test

He's forced to try something new
An action he wasn't trained for
Spread his wings, as he's seen others do
His world becomes a great door

If he doesn't try what he's seen
Spread his wings for the new sky
To his death he will careen
Without reaching out to fly

In those few seconds of his trial
Life and death are in his hand
Reach out and fly or stay in denial
That his past ideas will stand

To watch the bird in this simple way
To see how easy for him to fly
How could anyone look up and say
"Stay closed, you will not die."



Jim Brady

Without any vision
A man has not risen
I must have a dream of my own

Withstand the opposition
This is my position
I cannot be another man's clone

Fight for what I believe
Let the others bereave
As they watch life passing them by

It's full speed ahead
Meeting challenge, not dread
As I raise my head to the sky

Go for your dreams
Whatever it means
You must be all you can be

Life passes too fast
Look around and its past
But the dream is for you to see.

The Past


Jim Brady

I sit studying the outside
To understand the feelings within
In the blink of and eye
The suns glow hides from my sight
The sky is gray

I stare at one place
Changes abound, as I write about it
I am describing the past
For nothing stays the same
Long enough to describe

The present is an ever-changing,
Flowing, transition in time
Pain that lasts is my resistance
To letting go of the past
My clinging to that
Which has already changed

I sit as the judge, sentencing
How long the perpetrator must suffer
Forcing him to embrace the past
Pulling him down into the swill
Of lost dreams and fears

The sun breaks through
Once again, reminding me
The past is just the past
I grew, I learned, I continue to grow
I am not the person I remember
The sentenced

The feelings come and go
As the sun through the clouds
Mistakes are made, victories won
Which shape the person
I am my past, but
I don't live there anymore.

The Fighter


Jim Brady

How does one give up
When thereís so much to win
My past presents my battles
My mind spews only din

Reacting on a time gone by
Controlled by itsí cruel sting
How can I give control away
What will this action bring

To let go of the rage inside
Revealing only pain
How can I deal with this new life
What will there be to gain

To step one foot onto the shore
And cry for help on high
Is not what I have done before
The fighter lets out a sigh

Relief now comes in waves of grace
My life is free at last
My battles are from day to day
No longer from my past