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Kenyatta Bradley


Leavenworth, KS, US

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The Only Reason


Kenyatta Bradley

The last thing I remember
Is saying, "No let's wait"
And they say, "Man, I've got it"
And get up like in race.

I remember the strong smell
Of beer and wine in the air
As a flashback of my life,
Came rushing to my mind.

I said wait and slow down
You left out one little detail,
But then it was too late
I felt a bump, bang, boom, and rattle.

When I was strong enough
To raise my swollen head
I had cuts and blood running
From everywhere, even my head.

But as I turned to see my friend
The seat was full of glass
My friend was laying on
The man made gravel route.

But then I fell unconscious
And woke up in a bed
And asked the doctor what happened
And the last words was "Your friends dead."

So this is a little warning
To people of all ages
That is the only reason,
Friends don't let friends drive drunk.