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Jerome J Bradford


Chicago, IL, US

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Jerome J Bradford

While I was asleep in my subconscious state
Drifting in and out of this world: I digress
As I play the game of life to the end
So far I've made it to 60 years old and still
So what's next for me in my journey to the next world?

The game started with my first breath
But who decides how long..that is the question
I say God decides if it's going to be or a good day.
Someone told me I decide how my day is going to be
Like free will.
As human beings we all have trails and tribulations
We go through life trying to pack a lot into those 24
hours God's breath is flowing in and out of you.
Your physical strength is developed over time and as time
goes on you make everyday count.

As God prepares the table before you even in the presence of your enemy...
That lets me know that God will take of my after thoughts. You know if there is a beginning in your life, there surely is an ending. Can't have one without the other;
Look at the people that have come and gone before you.
Can't touch them.
There is an saying from an ex-Chicago coach that will stay with me until my dying day. He said "you are only as good as your last game."

Peace. Be still.