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Beatrice Boyle


Woodcliff Lake, NJ, US

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The Forgotton Hero


Beatrice Boyle

He slumps motionless in the doorway
Forlorn, weary and ill
His moment of glory forgotten
(That battle upon the hill!)
But the memories linger on
Of his buddy's slaughtered and dead
And the many regrets he has
For the things he left unsaid
Valiantly, he fired
Trying to save his stricken friends
Until only HE survived
Now, his nightmare never ends
And the world too soon forgot him
"Just a vagrant" they all say
And nobody even remembers
That they called him a hero on that day!

Since You've Been Gone


Beatrice Boyle

I've been so lonely, since you've been gone
There are days when I feel I can't go on
I hear your footsteps on the walk
Then we share some wine, and sit and ta

"How was your day" you cheerily ask
As I gently chide you, for an unfinished task
"I'll do it tomorrow", you sheepishly said
(But, I knew you'd watch the game instead!)

But for us, tomorrow never came
As I scoured the lists to find your name
"But he'd never leave me," I frantically cried
"He'll surely turn up, He can't have died!"

The months that followed, I can't recall
The enormity of it, stunned us all
I tried my best to take it in stride
But my heart is heavy and breaking inside

A year has gone by since that fateful day
And thousands of people have come to pray
As I bow my head, I hear you say
"Don't give up, take it day by day"

"You're not alone, don't you know that dear?
You can't see me, but I'm right here
My hand's on your shoulder, we'll nevr part
As long as you carry me, deep in your heart!"

Goodby Johnny


Beatrice Boyle

We'll miss ya Johnny...
your smile, that twinkle
in yer eye when ere' we'd meet
Your easy going trace of deceit.
We will always remember the laughter,
The joy in life you had.
Even when illness struck,
you refused to be sad.
"Don't bury me with socks"
you said...
"Just my old boat shoes
I wore on Bobby's boat
whenever we took a cruise."

I've never heard a single word
about you that was said...
that you were unkind or mean
about someone live or dead.
A brave soldier in a horrible war
you never said a word
about the things you saw.
But at your heart they tore.
You met life head on.
With held fast
in good times and in bad...
courageous to the last.
Johnny...we'll miss you lad.

But wherever there is laughter
We'll hear your voice among the rest
and think of you.
Goodbye were the best!