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Carol Bowles


Stuarts Draft, VA, US

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Intensely Occupied with the good news


Carol Bowles

They zealously went, their Bible in hand
To take the Good News throughout the land
Brother Poor Record and Brother Forget
Their hearts full of love for the people they met.

They took the good news to the sighing and crying
And quickened their hope for the living, not dying.
They told of a system so new and so grand
When God's Kingdom will rule in the new Promised Land.

But they never called back, and the reason, no doubt
Was that helpful suggestions were not carried out.
For Brother Forget had forgotten the town
And Brother Poor Record hadn't written it down.

Some weeks later Brothers Eager and Bold
Lead those sheep right into the fold.
They kept a clear record of names, dates and all
And then as good shephards, contiued to call.

So please keep a clear record of all calls that you make
Remember that lives of the sheep are at stake.
If you find interest, whether castle or shack
For goodness sake, brothers, don't forget to call back.



Carol Bowles

When will it come?
To hear them talking
sounds like a drum,
Louder and louder
more and more
Yet what I see and know for sure
That realilty is crystal clear,
All this talk is just veneer.
Bombs and weapons
still remain
The heart of man has not changed.
So for an answer, we must go
to the MOST RELIABLE - to know,
Look in the Bible
and if you see 1st Thes. 5 verse 3
Then you will know
and see quite well,
The God of the Bible
us did tell
That when man is making his drum-like sound,
It's time for God's Kingdom to come around.

The Way


Carol Bowles

Although this story is very old,
the life of one man must be told,

So people everywhere may hear
That certain death is not a fear,

For what He did gives us a way
to inherit the earth and always stay,

What Adam did makes us die,
This started from a serpent's lie,

So God from love produced a plan,
to save His creatures He calls man.

From heaven above, He sent a son
This was His very favorite one.

His name was Jesus - you may know...
His Father's ways to us did show.

God's Kingdom was His teaching theme,
How us from sin, it will redeem.

Man's howl for peace sounds like a drum,
Which means this Kingdom will soon come.

So Read your Bible, Watch and Pray
Then you will surely find "The Way"