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Renata A. Bouchard


Danbury, CT, US

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Renata A. Bouchard

Here I am again
Thinking about you again
Wishing you were here again
Needing you again
Crying again
Wondering why you can't be with me again
Dreaming those dreams again
loving you... still

There I go again
Dying again
wishing on that star again
Feeling you arms around me again
Falling Again
Being afraid of nothing again
Freezing again
Telling myself we'll be together again... soon

Do you see me again?
Praying again
Drowning in my tears again
missing you again
Crying, yet again
Waiting for you call at 2:00 AM again
Wanting to be near you again
Making sweet love to you... more

Here I am again
Smiling again
Dreaming again
Fantasizing and laughing again
knowing you'll be here again
So I can please you again
And you me again
Loving you... Always

My Bright Fame
Yours Forever,
Reborn and Full of Grace

My Gift


Renata A. Bouchard

I pray'd one night to my lord above, for the gift of love.
I stay'd up night's dreaming of my future with this love.
I wrote poetry written in love. With love.
I got tired and wary, thinking my one would never come.
And then there was you.
You came to me so quietly. A silent breeze.
Your love so deep, unconditional, and true,
I just knew, that we would be forever.
I knew so deep in my heart and soul and every inch of me,
that you, were a gift.
My gift...From God.