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Iliena Bosu


Gurgaon, Haryana, India

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The Rock Dove


Iliena Bosu

Every time I look through the window,
A peek outside, and he is there.
He sits quietly contemplating,
What, I cannot tell.

He just sits there
And stares at nothing in particular,
Though I think he peeps in
Through the open doors and windows
Of the houses he sits facing;
The owners, unaware of the ‘Peeping Tom'.

The wind ruffles his plumage,
Makes them stand up,
And he looks more ruggedly handsome.
Yet his calm composure
Makes me wonder
What is he thinking about?

I have seen him looking at me;
His red eyes touch my heart softly.
He says nothing
Just silently gazes at me
For a second or two
Then takes off immediately.

I scare him. He takes me as a threat.
He just doesn't understands
I mean him no harm.
I like his distant company.

He has a companion of his own.
They stay together most of the time.
Sometimes I can even hear them talk,
I wish I could understand a word they say.

At times, I see him sitting all by himself.
But often in the evenings, I find them together,
Sitting close, snuggled up sometimes;
I watch them watching the sunset.

Nature and love
Or should I say love's nature,
Can anything be more
Fascinating than this?

They live like outcasts,
Just the two of them;
Disowned for being a little different,
Yet they are together
In some bizarre twisted way.

I think they are lovers.
I hope they are lovers.
They remind me how beautiful love is.



Iliena Bosu

What dwells in the night
That I dwell most on
The magic that the night is?
Have you heard the
Whispering winds?
Listen carefully and behold
The illusion that life is.

An angry cry
Of a hungry baby,
A distant sound of a
Distant car moving,
A sorrowful howl of a
Heartbroken dog,
Adds to the heaviness
In the air.

The soft wind,
As it passes by,
Mischievously teases the leaves.
And they swoon
As if hypnotised,
Dancing to its tune.
The trees on the other hand,
So mighty and tall,
Stand still,
So uncompromising.

Not so far away from me,
I hear her almost every night,
A youthful laughter of a
Toothless old age.

Every night,
The constant bickering
Of kitchen utensils,
The whirring fan
Over a snoring man
Drowns the beating sound
Of the time.

Such a cacophony
In the night
Kindles a voice within me.
What dwells in the night,
That I delve most in?
I have turned it upside down,
Pulled it inside out,
Cut, stretched, filled and buried,
The subtle night, nevertheless,
Doesn’t seem to oblige.

The Aftermath


Iliena Bosu

It is sad
Love is gone.
I cannot hear love
In the music
Nor in the wind that
Once sang duets
With my heart.

I cannot feel love
In the touch when
Tears stream down
My face
Leaving trails of love,

It is sad
I do not know
How love tastes.
I never got to kiss it

Now, I dance
A lonely dance,
With no music
For my heart.
So graceful_

I leap and spin and
Stretch my arms out;
There is no love to catch me
If I fall.

I can dance my heart out
Because I am not being
Watched by love.
But I know it is quietly
Hiding behind the
Tough exterior of denial.

Brittle like porcelain,
Breakable, lovelorn heart;
It is sad.
I like this solitude more
Than I love.

Brittle like porcelain,
Heated with passion,
A sculpture so delicate,
Shaped with love.

Knock me down,
Let me break in to pieces,
For it is not the touch of
Love anymore.
It is sad.
I thought I would
Feel it this time.

Like a ship caught in a
Tempest fierce,
I am trying to
Hold it together
In this horridness.
Slapping memories
Scare me once again.

I have steered away
From this darkness;
I am exhausted.
Love echoes in the
Empty silence.
Am I dead?
It is sad.
This silence
Overwhelms me now.

I am free from being a
Captive of love.
But the transformation
Is magnificent!

It is sad,
I survived love.

All of a Sudden


Iliena Bosu

All of a sudden, after such a long time,
I felt your presence in my life.
You were your old self
And so was I;
I was reminded of some old ties.

I heard your footsteps walk past me,
Or it was something which sounded like you.
I did not turn back to see,
I would have known, or else;
I did not want to.

You were behind me,
Quite like those old days I have
Shoved in the back.
So, whenever I look ahead,
You are nowhere to be seen.

Sometimes I laugh at my fate,
Sometimes, she laughs at me.
Laugh out loud is all we do,
Sometimes we laugh at you.

All of a sudden,
Some uncertain
Days, months and years after,
You are buried and gone now,
I am dead but still here.