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Jerry Borror


Mount Gilead, OH, US

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Jerry Borror

Tapped, slapped, turning red, you curse at
me while I kneel on your bed, you tell me
that I have been bad, and this punishment
is not because you're mad. I plea and beg
for your tender mercy, not thinking of the
consequences to follow, you look at me as
if to say, "you are a real sight" begging
and pleading with all of your might.
The paddle, belt or strap, will not be the
only things used on you tonight, so if you
wish to make things all right, you must adhere
to my demands, without talk back and sass,
for it's my hands smacking your ass.
your words are gentle and so sweet,
you have me kissing your feet, this
is what I've hidden away, but now
you know I want it this way.