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Matthew Boroson


Boulder, CO, US

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Untitled Fragment


Matthew Boroson

His heart, a mosaic of broken mirrors; no two shards of bad
luck fell from the same seven years' frame, so inside him
everything is hapazardly jigsawed: each fragment reflects a
different history. In one sharp broken glass of his heart,
childhood soars on a swingset, attempts and fails at sky. In
another a trashbag troubadour serenades his paramour of the
parapets, his Juliet aloft on the fire-escape ensconcing him
with his star-crossed love. In one the ocean--just the
ocean, forever. A tortured shard disperses perverse
dejections of reflections: a swingset with chain-swung wheel-
chairs. A face looming like the sunset above its slit
throat, flooding the horizon with its empty, departing blood.
Images of joy, madness, hopewreck, blister his heart with
their fullness, but they can only be seen by someone who
never learned to see; maybe only by a girl who was raised by