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Jacquelyn Boodry


Lansing, MI, US

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Papa Comes Around


Jacquelyn Boodry

The dawn is slowly coming
And the stores will soon close down.
When everyone is sleeping
Papa will come around.
When I was five years old
I came home from school one day.
And mama was crying
She just said "papa has went away."
Papa was a drunkard
Who raced fast cars around the dirt track.
His eyes were brown from what I remember
And his smile was genuine.
And before papa left
We didn't have all bad times.
Papa never told me
The reason he left town.
But I'll find out sometime though
The next time he comes around.
And now every so often
When the lights are shut off.
And on Sunday evenings
When the men folk have went to play golf.
The ladies all meet for tea
To gossip about the town.
And he is starting to tell me more about himself
Whenever my papa comes around.