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Ivanna Bong


Capital City, NY, US

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The Plight of a Little Pink Chick


Ivanna Bong

The Plight of a Little Pink Chick
and a boy who became drunk with love, passed out, and pissed it away

One day Caitie came to think
"I really need to get some dink"
And therein walked a greasy boy
Ms. Caitieís heart was filled with joy

A Fubeegee, but "Cam" by name
Was pretty dumb, but all the same
Something about him turned her ondle
And boobs were fun for Fubes to fondle
Though to all things a time and place
Not on the couch, in Chrisí face

The horrid sight was so appalling
Into the night it sent us crawling
So damn gross, so fucking sick
The thought of Fubarís puny dick
In anguish, so turned off, we cried Stabbing out our very eyes

But though the two did seem quite gay
Their blue skies clouded up one day
There billowed in a cloud of smoke
Which Cam created, toke by toke
His manners had evaporated
And still Ms. Caitie was elated

She was so blinded by the weed
Upon her heart the Fubar peed
He shook his cock at Caitieís heart
He closed the lid, and with a fart
He stupidly flushed love away
And so, what we can learn today

Is that Fubars donít piss indoors
Unless itís used in metaphors