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Peter Wiliam Bolton


Summerland Point, NSW, Australia

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The end


Peter Wiliam Bolton

The end
by the whiff of gas.
On the winds we send,
death in the air.
Cattle disease takes man
and odourless airs leaves stench.
Scientific mind, military plan,
kill all by thier breath.
Agent Orange and mustard gas.
Invisible enemy at us get flung.
One nation sets to complain
but ignores that honest fact
that they to do the very same

Invisible enemy at us gets flung
with no smell or dust.
Burning air left lung, right lung.
Warmongers need, desire and lust.
History has proven many times before
but it is always ignored.
a-Bomb,Cannonball or Bow/arrow war

Welcome to the year
nineteen ninty nine
and on the seventh part
every-thing will become mine.
It burnt away the heart
of mankind, one and all.
When from a warmonger race
up it did fly and down it did fall.
Mankind did not learn to face
the lessons from the past,
we did not heed history's call

The end
beneath the cloaked sky,
now man can only defend
with sticks and with stones.
The end
Fifty billion burnt skeletons, dried bones
and now nothing is left to send
the warning to ourselves

To save society we planned
the politicians, genrals and science elite
The common man be damned
A ballot for each life,
grab a ticket and check
has your number been called.
In this fight to staty alive
winning ticket stolen, compassions stalled,
now wil that once lucky child survive.
Self preservation
the greatest of any mans needs.
Under nuclear sky fight starts
and the lesson learnt recedes.

Compounded aggression
cinvinces all it will
never fade.
For land and honour, kill.
Be a man never 'fraid.
Man can never escape
from the paths that have been laid
from our fathers to our sons.
No matter how a scared child cried.

The Warrior's Game


Peter Wiliam Bolton

Tell me of your quest
and I will point the way.
Walk west and west.
As the sun sets
turn north and rest,
for then those you seek
will come out and play.
Caution brave one,
some come out to slay

Beware brave warrior.
Beware things that lurk,
that hide in the forests.
Draw your sword, there's work,
to kill every night beast
that lives in the north
and dwells in the east.

Walk to there, walk from here.
Creatures dwell everywhere
striking the weak with fear.
Draw your blade
fighting of the witches
and their cursing, hexing.
Fight of the demons
and their darkening, possessing

Fight of the ghosts
and their haunting, spooking

If magic is what you seek
be brave and strong,
yet cunning and meek.
Some paths ahead are long.
Many paths ahead,
some paths ahead are wrong
do not be misled.
Beware of your back.
Turn, contain your fright.
If something is behind you
take to flight
or take to arm and sword?

The path less travelled
or the well worn track.
Remember your safety, magics abound
Truest path or hidden trap?
Bravest swordsman
which do you think is sound?

Believe the voices inside?
rememeber magics abound.
Heed it or you decide
if the route judged is real

The throne of the circle
is hidden in plain sight

Seek it, and find it
the sunken cave
beneath the mighty castle.
Know this, magic can enslave.
magic can kill
or turn you against yourself.
Make you behave, behave
to those with the skill.

Look for those treasures
that can weaken men's hearts
and drive women to pleasures.
You must be careful,
greed and selfness.
If bad deeds hide in thee
forever in your own aloneness.

Believe the voice in your head,
choose the faithful trail.
Choose it wrong, be dead.
Heed it, strong or frail

Your fate is already decided,
are you the strong one
who will, can, does succeed.
Strong one, wrong one.
Either way, go forward, proceed
More I can, will tell
but this quest is your's alone.
Through may a heaven and hell,
survive the tests. Atone
for the past, your sword left.

If success you have
the return here you must.
more magic is around.
Fail, sorry. Turn to dust
Turned then to ashes
if greed is your only lust.
For knowledge of what
hides inside you shows.
If falsethought you plot
forget the road ahead
only the honest win.
Under spells lie dead
those that went in sin