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Tom Bolling


Marshall, MO, US

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Eros Past


Tom Bolling

Her heart is fooled by what she's got
And all is as it should be
It's years now since she once forgot
What living was or would be
But what she is and what she does
Is no reflection on what was
And what is lost is lost because
She didn't take what could be.

She's closed her eyes and closed her mind
To anything we told her
And now she finds that she is blind
To those who once could hold her
And her reflection in the glass
Shows all the landmarks she has passed
And somehow she has come in last
In all the life has sold her.

Now we, the brokers of her days
Divide the spoils around her
And ponder heartache in her gaze
And evils that surround her
And age comes on like sudden fog
Like nature's mocking epilogue
The snarling of a frightened dog
Or waves that turn to pound her.

And yes, she knows she's growing old
Though yet her smiles don't show it
Her eyes say what her lips withhold
And all around her know it
Suspicions of the change of days
And what she sees and what she prays
Will never stop encroaching haze
Nor help her stay below it.

So softly sounds the driving rain
When we're not there to hear it
And gently comes the storm's refrain
When we're found nowhere near it
But take the roof from overhead
Allow the wind to quake the dead
And soon we find that we're misled
There's reason much to fear it.



Tom Bolling

Y antes de morirme quiero
Echar mis versos del alma.

JosÚ MartÝ

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