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Andrea Bolds


Dayton, OH, US

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Why do I want to be free?


Andrea Bolds

I am trap and tangled in ropes and there is no way out
Looking for hope, but having no faith only leaves doubts
Keeping in and never letting go
will one day cause my emotions to explode
There is no one to trust not even a friend
This is something I have to deal with until the end
I don't neeed any pitty or a helping hand
I don't have anyone to comfort me, there is no one who understands
I'm not looking for ways out of my own solitude
I just want to be as free as a man who walks around in the nude
This old darken heart that I hold in side of me
Is trying to burn red so it can one day break free
These eyes has hidden so many true feelings
That I can't cry even if I was willing
My conscience no longer exist
Because of countless lies and irresistible risk
The pace, the gate, the stride of my feet
which sems to be happy is really a sad beat.
I want to be free but not resued
I don't need any body to break me loose
If I can't understand these mixed feelings and what I need
Then i'll never know the reason why I want to be free.



Andrea Bolds

When the souls of two lovers simultaneously emerge,
The heat of the passion does not compose any words.

The breathing of the two makes up for what is not spoken,
So the words don't lead to a created connection being broken.

The motions of the two bodies initiate a discussion on its own,
Where the body and the mind has intertwine and issues are left alone.

The cover conceal what each partner does not want to expose,
Cover nonessential because each flesh creates warmth so no one is cold.

One by one kisses reveal what had dissapered beneath the covers,
And exploring lips notice possessions that should not be discovered.

The discoveries of each person secrets are left under the sheets.
And by morning everything has been beyond recollectoin due to the sleep.

The harsh reality of wanted sexual desire appears after you rise,
When you realize that the person who lays besides you is someone you knew for only a night.