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John Bolds


Salt Lake City, UT, US

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John Bolds

I stand looking out over the sea
and think about her.
The way she smiled at me as she spread her arms
and leapt into the air and down to the rocks below.
The way she said that she was doing this for me.
I try to call out to he all ove again
but she walks away and I am unable to move
She moves back to me and genly caresses my lips with hers and turns.
I see a single tear float out over the cliff
as if it is a warning to the waves to take their next victim.
I see her spread her arms again
but this time something is different.
She swings her arm around, facing me
and opens her hand.
She closes it slowly
and I feel her fingers close around my whole body.
She jumps again and starts to pull me over.
I see the rocks below and start to struggle.
Hoping to break free and wondering
why Why WHY?
She is doing this for something I did to her.
But what?
Ihad cared for her.
I had loved her.
And I realized that those were the reasons.
Because she was alone and I had not left her that way.
It was as she knew.
And only as she knew.
I scard her.
I hurt her.
She hated me.
I fall through the rocks and into my head.
I stand looking out over the sea.
And slowly apologize.
To her.
To me.
And my tears fall off the cliff.