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Kathleen Boland


Kansas City, KS, US

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Release Your Dreams


Kathleen Boland

Although we know it is time we must part,
You will always abide deep in my heart.
We wanted, needed to know once more we could care
Although our broken lives were not free to share.

You held my hand now for so many years,
While sharing my laughter or drying my tears.
You breathed new life when I thought mine was done,
And brightened the light when I could see none

You believed in my strength when I felt weak,
Or listened with your heart when I needed to speak.
You encouraged me to catch a falling star
To kindle the path to my dreams so afar.

Now, when I'm feeling lonely or blue,
I'll awaken my secret memories of you.
Our music, reflections, caring, or sorrows,
As I pray for happiness in all your tomorrows.

Splintered Lives


Kathleen Boland

Promise made
Promise broke
Swallow tears
Will not choke.

Hearts unite
Hearts divide
Music within
Long ago died.

Dreams dreamt
Hope spent
Bleakly feel
The discontent.

Hide hurt
Bury pain
Spirit numb
Loved in vain.

Words sting
Vindictive tone
Splintered lives
Feel so alone.

Virginity's Seduction


Kathleen Boland

She initiates her illustrious seduction through the night,
enveloping the earth in her velvet arms of white.
Embellishing hills and valleys in illusory diamonds sparkling bright
beneath the moon's romantic blush of illuminating light.

To the music of the wind, she performs her glorious dance.
She whirls and twirls uninhibited for now she deems her chance
to mesmerize the earth into an icy, glistening trance
hoping to enrapture with an impassioned,longing glance.

She tenderly arouses with placid tapping on the pane
by glimmering slivers of ice, attention to attain.
She teases til no longer from the lust can one abstain
to savor the virginity of transcendent snowflakes once again.