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Marilyn J. Boersma


Crystal River, FL, US

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American thought


Marilyn J. Boersma

America is the land of the free;
Or at least that’s the way it
was meant to be_
Terrorism has disrupted our American way,
And is slowly taking our freedoms away.
We wake up each day, and beyond familiar thoughts we wonder_
Will they attack structures or our system;
or keep busy killing each other?
Our minds have the added stress of a constant vigilant watch_
Is my family in danger? Will they send germs we can catch?
Military checkpoints are becoming more frequent.
Our identities are scrutinized_
does this feel like freedom?
The neighbor next door, that we seem to know_
No longer taken for granted;
are they for real or a foe?
A terrorist sympathizer, or a government spy_
They seem normal and friendly,
Smile, and say "hi"_
Love your neighbor, ahh, another freedom taken away.
How do we teach our children, we wonder, as we start each new day.
Our daily routines filled with uncertainty and doubt;
And we’re really not sure what this is all about!
We’re not sure who the enemy is,
or what they hope to gain.
But their message is clear: one of hatred and jealous disdain.
There are so many questions, and things we do not know_
Is this really best for us;
for in truth the seeds would grow
Of the American spirit_this is our pride ,and would help us cope
With fragmented enemies, the uncertainties_ we need this hope!
One nation united under God_
Will surely find the day
When our freedom is intact,
and we take back,
our good ol’ American Way!
Written by:MarilynJ. Boersma August 10, 2002

What am I thankful for


Marilyn J. Boersma

The "American Way of life"
is not comfortable any more.
Why living your life is such a chore,
my mind is trying to explore...
The mask of Al-Queda hiding on the horizon,
and violent acts of treason.
F.B.I., swat teams, C.I.A., government officials;
among others, trying to give us a reason.
There are so many things we "cannot know",
but yet we must be accountable!
The frustration, stress, and problems of life;
oft times seem insurmountable!
It’s an electronic age of computers,
that shut down when the system crashes.
Movies, horror and video games;
hit your mind with violent flashes.
The age of plastic cards,
and automated deposits and billing;
And for a problem resolution,
the time lines can be chilling!
Gone are the times
when you can speak to a person.
You must press the right numbers
for the automated version.
There are so many choices,
that shopping is a chore;
And the convenience of the "superstores"
complicates it even more!
There are one hundred and fifty channels
on modern pay-for TV.
We are inundated with data...
how much can we absorb and see?
Sports have to be interpreted
by a post game authority;
And there are so many nationalities in America,
we no longer know who’s the minority.
Our families have grown distant
with the busy-ness of living.
Gone are the days of reaching out,
with simplistic love and giving.
People are always in a hurry;
nasty, rude and mean.
Grid lock traffic and construction
like I have never seen.
We deal with road rage, scams and the I.R.S....
the list becomes absurd.
And in the current trend of politics
the "American Voice" is left unheard.
I some times sit and wonder,
how much can my mind explore?
And try to sift out in these thoughts...
What am I thankful for?
I must be thankful for the little things,
that are comfortable and warm.
Separate my mind to the serenity
of things that cause no harm.
The occasional rainbows in my life,
that warm my heart with love...
Soft words of caring from a stranger,
an act of kindness from a friend,
the cooing of a dove...
Pride of my accomplishments,
my home,
my soulmates love;
the good things in my life...
These thoughts give me thankfulness,
and eliminate the strife.

written by: Marilyn J.Boersma