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Kristen Boehrs


Duluth, MN, US

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Here I Am


Kristen Boehrs

Here I am,
cold in my world of abuse.
And there you sit,
a blue-dust vampire floating in a sea of sin,
with your bleeding soul and coffe-house eyes.
With finger-tips of ice you froze my blood
and with the soft touch of your lips you melted into my existence.
Jesus bow down to my sins
for my heart is the heart of life
and my adulterous thoughts are that of the scorned woman.
And I lie there...
beaten, bruised, and still surviving,
trying to mold myself into the image you want me to be
but failing
because your expectations are to high and my esteem is to low.
But yet I perservere,
because I am woman and I am strong,
and the soul of the world had to cut into my heart
and dissect my love before I realized that I could stand on my own
without your cruelty to hold me up.
But still I want you,
even though scars serve as a testament of your love-lust for me.
No more biting flesh and blood.
Just me and me alone.
So here I sit.
for the next sex,
the next slap,
the next kiss,
the next love,
so once again I can feel wanted and once again my body
can show the signs of his emotions...
but until then I wait.
So here I am.