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Teanne Blue


Fairfield, NSW, Australia

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I didn't think


Teanne Blue

I didn't think I would do it
I didn't think I would try
I didn't think I would give
my love , to any oter guy
So now I'm paying deeply
I'm paying with my heart
for it is my heart that
is weeping each moment
were apart .
Please don't misunderstand me
It is not what I mean't to do
and I didn't give my love away
I swear this time it is the truth.



Teanne Blue

don't give us wiltered flowers,
Don't lie them on our grave's,
Don't take our soul's to heaven
we may not be that brave,
Just put our bodie's together
and together we will stay
because when we said FOREVER
we mean't until this day.

The Water's Edge


Teanne Blue

Droplets at the water's edge,

prior locale of hanky waving

her spouse's welcome.

Sunday afternoon, tea sips

with 'Helen Steiner Rice', mouthed

under full umbrella shadow.

On bended knee at the water's edge,

tomorrows' memorabilia flashing

loneliness to come.

Un-kissed pouting red lips

mourning formless ashes, housed

in the Urn sprinkled by his widow.

TeAnne Hateley Feb 29.2000

* Helen Steiner Rice - Greeting card poetic verse writer.