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Maggie Blessing


Gate City, VA, US

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Maggie Blessing

A delicate flower but
capable of standing
alone. She needs
her sunshine, but
grows with each
gentle stoarm
She bends, compromising
with the wind.
She leans toward
sunshine and
kisses it, but
keeps her roots
planted firmly.
She is beautiful.

Why I Cry


Maggie Blessing

Petty excuses.
Long silences.
Endless glares.
Hopeful words.
Broken promises.
Actual reality.

I try to stay strong.

Hurtful comments.
Complete disrespect.
Your problems.
My fears.
False hope.
Crushed dreams.

I can't.

Faith In Myself


Maggie Blessing

Mistake after recurring mistake
that I can't set right,
slapping me in the face
each time they reappear
knocking me down and
telling me not to try to stand again.
I assure myself that there
is always tomorrow,
but I know that I should
start having more faith
in myself than in tomorrow.

Please Stop, I'm Falling


Maggie Blessing

I'm back on the mountain now.
Everything seems clearer--les of a blur.
The chaotic confines of everyday life are
not as hectic right now.
I'm even smiling again.

What did you say?
Don't tell me that.
Please stop--
don't say anymore...

I'm back off the mountain now.
I was pushed I'm sure.
I feel like I'm still falling.
I wonder when, or if, I'll land--
will I be crushed, or will
I bounce back up just like before?
Who knows--I'm still falling.