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Robert E. Blenheim


Daytona Beach, FL, US

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To Dorothy


Robert E. Blenheim

Glinda is right.
You've always had the power to return to Kansas.
But you can't go now, my foolish one.
Auntie Em and Uncle Henry have only the farm to tend.
You have my heart.
And while it's true There's No Place Like Home,
We could make our own home, here.
In Oz.

Stay here with me.
The ruby slippers still sparkle
Even after miles upon the yellow brick road.
There are jewels in the city we haven't seen
And dreams we haven't dreamt.
And one wish still unfulfilled.
It's a wish the Wizard cannot grant.
Only you can.

So if you do stay, my pretty child,
We will walk down the yellow brick road hand-in-hand,
Far away from the Emerald City,
To that resplendent field of beckoning poppies
And stretch out upon the dew-drenched blossoms.
And there, with limbs entwined to sultry thoughts,
My lips will whisper the wish you can grant.
Surrender, Dorothy.

A Song of Zarifah


Robert E. Blenheim

I left the mosque at Karistan with thoughts of Allah clear and true
And passed the Bedouin's quiet tents to walk on sands of moonlit hue.
I walked; 'twas mundane desert night until a sight bred fancies new:
A woman standing on the sands evoking wonders -- it was you!
O Zarifah, soft Zarifah!
My mind still sees that lovely night!
By Allah's grace I saw your face,
The awesome beauty of your sight!

Salaam! 'Twas there we two conjoined, and thus that night forever stands;
Our fleshes mingling lives within the memory of the desert sands.
But every saffron'd season'd kiss, and whisper'd word and limbs' embrace
Must yield, as Sultan's jeweled hoard, to what I saw within your face.
O Zarifah, bright Zarifah!
Your eyes of emeralds, lips rose-red!
'Neath pleasure domes and marbled homes
Your spectral face invades my head!

Since rising from that perfum'd sand my sleep has not been eas'ly gain'd;
I toss and turn from fever'd wounds 'til all my strength and spirit's drain'd.
I light the camphor, lift the sheets, resigning 'til the morning dew;
For piercing through my very soul are anguish'd, splendid thoughts of you.
O Zarifah, sweet Zarifah!
It seems you trapp'd and seal'd my will!
Years passing 'way have turned me gray,
Your burning face implores me still!