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Norcross, GA, US

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Love's Is Worth It?


Icy Blaze

Where has it gone?
It used to mean something,
Happily ever after has been stopped in its tracks.
There was a day that love meant an unbreakable band,
Yet strangely, the sacred words of "I love you" has lost its power.
But to what?
What's love worth?
Is it worth telling fibs to someone to get in their pants?
No wait that can't be it,
Must be worth some amount of currency,
I mean surely love can be paid off, right?
I mean it happens all the time,
Would a woman not rather want a man who has a fat wallet?
No answer? Let's try this...
If there was a choice between a "completely honest minimum wage" man and a "considerably less honest
wealthy" man, which would end up with the damsel?
Would the sacrifice of honesty "pay off"?
But try this, How about the choice between a close friend and a well-known attractive man?
But wait, in order for that guy to be well-known, what exactly did he do?
Oh well back on subject...
The truth of the matter is worthless.
What good is it if no one wants it?
And if someone truly wanted it, why is there so much going on on first dates?
Or why are there people who "purchase" it to their liking?
Or why do teens "go out" with someone in school if nothing "serious" is to come from it?
But wait, surely someone must want love or how could the world still be here.
Most are only given one chance to find that someone and time is of great essence for love is dying quickly......