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Lameka Bland


Gary, IN, US

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My Black King makes love, mad love


Lameka Bland

My Black King
Makes love
Mad love
To me in vivid colors
His essence splattered on all five senses
With third eye premonition of ecstasy
Black rhapsodies in bloom
A variety of colors rapidly zoom
Behind my closed eyelids
Where darkness use to presume
His foreplay makes me
Taste colors
Feel colors
Smell colors
Hear colors
See colors in Technicolor

My Black King
Makes love
Mad love
To me in sounds
Made by musical prodigies
Subdued melodies
Saxophones shoot out tunes
As smooth as Black People singing the Blues
Jazzy rhythms in my mind
As chills shiver down my spine
Sensual teardrops fall from my eyes
As he reaches the end of my rainbow
The pot of gold lies between my thighs
He arrives at a wet, fiery place
That grips and cushions his hardness in the greatest way
His penetrations makes me
See sounds
Feel sounds
Taste sounds
Smell sounds
Hear sounds
In surround sound

My Black King
Makes love
Mad love
To me in enlightening ways
Like Martin Luther Kingís
"I have a Dream" speech from back in the day
I am amazed by the
Mental stimulation
Physical motivation
Emotional appreciation
All from the seduction in his eyes
As our sweaty bodies glide against each other
Climaxes collide with each other
For us to reach the highest point of pleasure
We finally float into heaven together
And as he embraces me
With traces
Of our love on his face, I
See his thoughts
Smell his thoughts
Feel his thoughts
Taste his thoughts
Hear his thoughts
My Black King
Made love
Mad love to me

To Whomever This May Concern?


Lameka Bland

Iím feeling the neglects of being abandon

Left to survive by my own underdeveloped judgments

To whomever this may concern

Can U give me fulliment?

Never had a mother so weed and cocaine adopted me

It helped me deal with my familyís instability

To whomever this may concern

Can U detoxify me?

Never had a father

So any nigga off the street with money

Laid up with me so I wouldnít be lonely

To whomever this may concern

Can U uplift me?

Selling my sweets to get something to eat

Drinking a 5th of Rose to help me sleep

Waking up every morning feeling sluty and cheap

To whomever this may concern

Can U rescue me?

Killing my unborn children because

I donít want to sort out whoís the daddy

Life is a nightmare and Iím sleepwalking straight through

Screaming Heavenly Father where are you

To whomever it may concern

Can U pray for me?

I donít have any reason to stay here

I see hell in my future

And Heaven was never in my past

My mother kicked me out cause

I let her know my new stepfather was trying to get in my pants

To whomever it may concern

Can U protect me?

I would have preferred being in the system than

13 out on the street

My heart soaked with defeat

Fears multiplying by three

To whomever this may concern

Can U help me?

Iím visualizing tragedies of suicide

Yesterday I almost tried

My mind is constantly plotting my demise

I canít grasp positive thinking

Itís been murdered by society lies

To Whomever this may concern

Will U bury me?

100% Proof of Truth


Lameka Bland

Am I imposing on your mental?
By composing this spiritual,
Sentimental presentation of my
Reputation of intoxication
Taking you on a soul vacation
That will set you free
Get intimate with my words
Coaxing your mind into taking
A journey into my world
Let me bring out the emotions
You try to hide by multiplying
Them by infinity and injecting
Them eternally
I know youíre scared of me
Your hesitations has manifested
Into procrastination because my
Presence makes you think too deeply
Are you a Pain-aholic, Death-aholic
Love-aholic, Hate-aholic
Word-aholic or a Poem-aholic
Cause I provide a mixture of all logics
I am 100% proof of truth
I maybe smooth to the taste
But if you know like I know
Youíll just sip me
Donít try to be hard and down me
Cause this true shit will go straight to your head-PROFOUNDLY

Cause I speak about
Pain that will burn your chest
Death that will water your eyes
Love that will make you stumble off your feet
Hate that will turn your stomach, See
My words will get you buzzed, but my
Poems will get you fucked up
You couldnít even get to the next cup
My 100% proof of truth will
Make your world spin and
Make you pass out and
You will be devastated by
The phrases I hand out
Society will delude you into
Going to truth anonymous
Theyíll swear what I say is preposterous
Cause theyíre trying to detoxify you of knowledge
But itís your decision to make
Truth your addiction
Is this illegal, will they send me to penitentiary
No, but I might get assassinated
Like so many others before me.
The truth seekers
The reality checkers
The 100% proof of truth makers
I represent them all
Thatís why Iím giving you this
Spiritual, sentimental presentation of my Reputation of intoxication
So I could give caseloads to my Black Nation