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Elisabeth Blake


North Platte, NE, US

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Elisabeth Blake

why isn't this world in which we live filled with
decorative coffee mugs, turtles, & daises?
Happiness, that too.
we need it, ALL of us
that's my personal utopia
no more hurt, violence or war
no more,
it must end!!!
i'm only human
i have feelings too
feelings of hurt, pain, joy...
and Happiness.
do you know what that is?
never mind that.
this world...oh this world
it's coming... coming...
it's always changing and not for the better
slaves, oh no it's coming back!!
slaves, WE are ALL Slaves to Society
menace to our society
We need to find our selves, our true selves
Yes, it'll be difficult,
but they did it,
They did it
i'm only human, and so are you
i'm coming unglued...

Written for a friend who made me realize that we are all the same inside.