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Chelsea Blaire


Fresno, CA, US

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Simple Joy


Chelsea Blaire

Green to yellow
yellow to orange
orange to red
to brown
and down
and down,
and crunch
beneath my feet,
getting deep;
lighter than air
the Brown Sea parts
sending paper-thin hearts
fluttering like ashes
all around me.
One man's trash
is another man's treasure -
my heart is full
with Autumn pleasure!

A Drop in the Bucket


Chelsea Blaire

I've had my heart broken.
I've had my face slapped.
I've had my life's breath stolen
and and my pearls trampled upon;
and still
I've much to learn about
His suffering
His love
His sacrifice
His forgiveness.
To love a disloyal heart -
To care for one who would take all
from me if she could,
And maybe she could
And just maybe she will;
and still
You have loved more and
You have borne more grief and
You have forgiven more
and more...
Let me not be the cause
of sorrow in Your heart
ever again.