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Betty Black


Taswell, IN, US

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The Lonely


Betty Black

Senic beauty of majestic view of summer delight;
Dusk brings on darkness with fire flies flight.
At the waters edge you stand tall with soulful pride;
As the fish jump up to eat bugs on the other side.

I sit back only to watch you from a safe distance;
Wondering if fate will be fair, you in your stance.
I know you don't know I am around or that I care;
So I breathe in deeply as I continual to stare.

This quiet time of longing in my soul I search;
I try to shake this feeling my heart begins to lurch.
It is far and between times when I see your smile;
Hoping for an exchange of thoughts then after awhile.

I realize I can't touch upon what I'd like to say;
As I reach out in dreams be the time night or day.
I've called you Lazor, Fantasy Lover, Strange Confusion;
Without realitys touch, no love, I have this illusion.

Why do people long for someone they can't have or touch;
How can they look at someone then love them so much.
When does attraction turn to desire then into love;
Why does this scare one so badly they can only shove.

Questions I have many as I tingle when I see your face;
I wish I had all the answer's then maybe I could trace.
How you have this magetic strong hold on my heart;
Then the love affair would be simple I'd have a start.

But then I'm afraid of you, its my heart you'd steal;
Confusion of the one I love I do know what I feel.
For me it is more than senual, love has a wider range;
I can't believe I'm in love with you isn't this strange.

High Lander


Betty Black

The man of the mountain at the edge he stand high;
As he reaches up to touch the clouds in the sky.
He looks down upon the valley respecting the land;
As he knows he is one with nature, a speacial man.

He scans the world he lives in looking far and wide;
As he looks upon this part of his soul with pride.
He looks at the tuffs of grass as he pulls at the root;
The thoughts he has is pure, he is one with the truth.

He feels close to Heaven and he believes in God's book;
He knows God's son died for him, he has only to look.
These feelings of oneness with nature will alway last;
Wrongs are turn to right his mistakes are in the past.

This part of Heaven, the gift of peace that nature gives;
Knowing that after he leaves this world, he'll still live.
He'll give up one beautiful life to find a new release.
He'll move on to Heaven to feel love with the Angels peace.

But for now his trip isn't over he stops by a stream;
He knows this part of his world is his reality dream.
He looks at the tree lines, he hears the chrips of birds;
Remembering his lessons of love with God's wisdom and words.

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Hear t Of A Dragon


Betty Black

The dragon flies through the air with pride and love;
As the dragon slayer trails him with his sword and gloves.
As he moves in his world and he searches with his eyes;
For the truth of many with loyality he flies along the sky.

With graceful movements he turns his head, flaps his wings;
Longing for peace on earth with the truth that it brings.
His disappointment in all forms of hate brings his tears;
He longs to put love and peace together as he hides his fears.

His heart is pure of thought, to right wrongs he tries;
His heart is broken at what he see's as he flies by.
In the dragons travels of true love he will never tire;
He has thoughts of purification he could bring with fire.

He shakes his head for hope isn't dead within himself;
How can he change the world with anger, how can he help.
He is not afraid of the dangers upon the road men ran;
If only others would help themselves for them he'd stand.

This heartache would end with the help of a few sound minds;
He thinks back to yesteryear as he hopes to turn back time.
Together with man they would stop this to have a new start;
If only people would pull together and be true of heart.

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The Guardian


Betty Black

Why are you so anger, why are you so mad;
What are all the reasons for your being sad.
Theres no reason for all to filfull your needs;
There is love all around you so please take heed.

No reason for the pain or those hot tears;
I'll be there forever, never to disappear.
I'll talk with you so you can do the right thing;
To help you make those choices its love that I bring.

When things go wrong don't call this fate;
Let go of misunderstand don't you hate.
I am the one who guides you through life;
To help you love and forget all your strife.

I will be there to help you I'll never leave;
My wings will touch you and to you I clieve.
I pass no judgement as I will aways be fair;
Be grateful for things in life even the air.

My halo of light will brightly shine on you;
My feathers will touch your heart with love too.
I will fly with you through the sadness and seasons sun;
I'll follow through for you in all things my speacial one.

Poetry Competition

With Honor We Fight


Betty Black

Who are you to bring on destruction and a certain death;
Bin Ladon America will fight you with our last breath.
Who are you really but a liar that brings with him fear;
As you kill innocent people all you caused was tears.
Two towers that were a image made of cement and steel;
With your cowards of destruction that couldn't even feel.

What have you brought to your people but death and strife;
In the name of your fake religion thats taken so much life.
You claim this is the Holy War this is how it will begin;
But you have to know that God will judge you in the end.
You claim to believe in God that you are doing his will;
After thousands of your people parish lets see how you feel.

9-11 will be your down fall like the coward you are, you run.
Bin Ladon beware of America with our will and smoking guns.
Its a shame that your afraid of what our Goverment will do;
I know you'll hide out in the caves like a rat thats you.
Grief has ran rapid as we buried our dead to build again;
You haven't won Asama Bin Ladon is the message I will send.

America the Public, the land of the free with many choices;
Raises up the flag even higher as we shout with our voice.
In the memories of the thousand lost and with a broken heart.
We won't ever leave you alone, to your dying day then we will part.
So look in front, on either side then you can then look behind;
To pass on the justice you gave to many then we will find peace of mind.

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Horse On Wheels


Betty Black

Grandma came running down the hill when she heard me scream;
With terror of being face down off the bridge or to me it seemed.
She jumped off the bank and she grabbed me then held me close;
She was as white as a sheet and she acted as if she'd seem a ghost.
The headless horse with wheels were underwater Grandma was glad;
As she yelled at my Uncles carelessness, boy was she mad.

The buggie was made from the slats from the barn made into a box;
With the handle tied to the wheels as a guide so it would lock.
Upon the box was a saddle to sit up on then you could ride;
The guide acted as a axel and upon this a cord was tied.
They rode down one hill and then they drove up the other;
As the bumps in the road and gravel made their body shutter.

They would ride down again, come up with the wind and the thrill;
But for a little girl to guide this was just asking to get killed.
My grandma took me back to the house saying, child you are a sight;
When you screamed out young'un I almost died of fright.
You just wait until Daddy comes home and this I will tell;
How your Uncles let you get on that thing and how you fell.

In a small voice I said, Grandma it isn't their fault;
When they turned around I grabbed it before getting caught.
Please don't tell Grandpa, I don't want anyone mad at me;
She didn't get on my Uncles but she took me over her knee.
Grandpa came home saying to me, what happened to you;
I fell off the bridge then my grandma giggled too.

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Evil Town


Betty Black

A dead town, slow moving crowds, a decieving sight;
Secret knocks on windows in the darkest blind night.
Quietly they creep down allyways, down tree lined streets;
Theifs of your emotions people living in their deceit.

Everyone is related to one another these so called friends;
Waiting to get over on you, you know its time to move again.
Everyone knows what is going on, all the things you should know;
They watch your every move and they know everywhere you go;

Theres no respect of ones life, no love or bright sparks;
The ones you think are decent the world and them are dark.
Someone is walking in causing trouble and loads of grief;
They will try to steal your soul away most are emotional thiefs.

You try to rely on your up bringing, you try not to hate;
But your emotions are like a rollercoaster, it is to late.
You can't forget the lies as your lost in all the strain;
No one cares about your plight as they see you in pain.

Your life isn't your own anymore, you know of strife;
Then you relize they want to be you, wheres the life.
In being made into a jester or even worse a clown;
This evil village full of idiots in this nowhere town.

You forget to be happy, love slips away, you can't smile;
You dread to see tomorrow, fear stays there after awhile.
Maybe someone could love you but it is hard to believe;
The house you thought love bought you now want to leave.

Poetry Competition

My Best Friend Frannie Lou


Betty Black

Let me share my friend with you her name is Frannie Lou;
No matter what the problem is she is there for you.
She's a trustworthy friend and she will never repeat;
The things you tell her, she is very complete.
She's there through the good times and all of the bad;
She lets you cry and yell on her shoulder when your mad.

She tries to come up with the solution to your fear;
She will help you emotional as she stops your tears.
This tiny little person Frannie is only five foot one;
She has a great personality and she loves to have fun.
A red head with a slight temper she is a true friend;
Even if you don't like the message that she sends.

Frannie Lou is very speacial and she is Gods gift;
As she watches your reaction as they begin to shift.
I know I will have to thank her and to her I reach;
Those times she has helped me, to others I will teach.
Those jestures of kindness this true friend of the heart;
Let this friendship last forever and we will never part.

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