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Fiona Campbell Black


Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

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House sitting


Fiona Campbell Black

The close of day draws near
And weariness is upon me
Although I have nothing to fear
Alone I donít want to be

Night time sounds are magnified
And in the darkness echo
Oh why am I so terrified?
In this house filled with art deco

Because itís not my home
And familiar things are far
There isnít even a phone
Nor a comforting chocolate bar

Oh howling wind, please take me back
On your wings of dust and power
For at my home thereís naught I lack
And I miss my fragrant shower

My bed is soft and cheering
After a long hot day of toil and strife
And itís a joy when Iím hearing
The radio talk show on life

For though I should be bold and brave
Itís easier to live without others
If I could I would build a cave
With admittance only to mothers

Under Control


Fiona Campbell Black

The lady has style
And elegance unique
An engaging smile
Clothes from the classiest boutique

So neat and slim you canít ignore
A charm that shines from inside
Her voice a liquid to adore
And a gentle firmness with which to abide

Wildness in harness
Simmering passion controlled
A whirlwind of calmness
A spirit so bold

Dignified and proudly she stands
Yet aches to be free from the norm
To create delight with her manicured hands
To live in the adventurous storm

Quietly sheíll wait - this lady of leisure
For the right time to dance
And to sing with ardent pleasure
The song of the wayward glance

Don't destroy the dream


Fiona Campbell Black

A glass of wine will make this night pass quicker
And thoughts of you will make time fly
As in my heart the memory flickers
Your voice of liquid as you said my name

You donít know how I feel Iím sure
And if you did you would withdraw
Your natural friendliness would be less pure
And then, my heart, so sore

How do I make you understand?
When I myself donít know
Exactly how to give my hand
To a friendship that sets me aglow

Itís wrong I know, but who says so?
Who sets the boundaries and rules?
A glimpse of you sets my fantasies a-flow
And tears in my eyes form a pool

For yet again this love is brief
And once more Iíll be the one
Who loves and wishes and has the belief
That we could have had some fun

Before it starts, already Iíll end it
For experience taught me this
Itís better to have dallied a bit
Than destroyed a dream with reality