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Amy Black


Sierra Vista, AZ, US

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Junk Food Junkie


Amy Black

I eat all night
I eat all day

My love for junk
Is here to stay

To diet is a
Phrase unkind

The thought is
Foreign to my mind

My clothes don't fit
But I don't care

I've even burst my

Just let me live
with cakes and pie

And I'll be happy
Til I die

And when I'm dead
Don't think I'll stop

I'll mark my grave
With a cherry on top!



Amy Black

Every passing touch
Every searching glance
Is a gentle caress to our soul

Every moving thought
Every casual gesture
Strengthens our love

Every shared hope
Every fulfilled dream
Makes our spirit soar

We breathlessly wait
For these expressions of love
And tremble when our wait is ended

Yet again we continuously long for this
Affirmation of our love

Our whole lives we anticipate
Finding our one true soul mate
And when we do our life is complete