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Jason Bitner


State College, PA, US

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This Sickness


Jason Bitner

This sickness that I feel is of an overburdening weight
of all the remedies and cures there are, .... none of late

A spoonful of passion, a cup of hope
are for what my ailing words do grope

A dose of the doctors bidding is not what I need
I ache for your embrace its so easy to see

A shot, or a pill, they say will cure my ill
but it is the love of a good woman, I must steal

The numbness of your whisper, as it flows over my ear
the anesthesia of your words, so soothing for my fear

You must of caught it, a bug,.. some type of flu
maybe something in the breeze.. perhaps it was a sneeze,
perhaps it was just you

I laugh, I roar, at their jests I deplore
for its you I must possess it's for you my soul soars

Again I must say it again yes I must
The only cure is one moment with you
one moment of trust, ...
one moment of security, purity
of passion and lust

It is over you I torment, I crunge
if you don't want me its for my heart you must plunge.

Make it quick, yes please make it swift
if not your love let death be your gift

So hear take the dagger, and let us see
shall I stagger or shall cupid hear my plea.