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Adrian Bisson


Angola, IN, US

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The Pirate


Adrian Bisson

Once upon a seaward vessel, to my chest my mug I nestled
Filled to brim with grog which swayed, the way the tossing sea did flow
As I staggered, fighting vomit, suddenly I saw a comet
Blazing 'crost my field of vision, 'crost the porthole it did go.
Terror blossomed in my soul as 'crost the porthole it did go.
wretchedly I moaned, "Oh, no..."

Then a horrid boom did shake me, quake me, suddenly awake me
I in rocking quarters stumbled, praying not for chunks to blow.
There were shouts of pirate sighting, & the crew prepared for fighting.
Now ran I across my cabin, to gaze out of my small window.
I spied a ship with cannons blazing, gazing out my small window,

full of torches all aglow...

"Gads!" I cried, backwards reeling, falling, staring at the ceiling,
Scrambling for a hiding place, though where to hide I did not know.
Grappling lines were tossed across and certainly my ship was lost,
In my boiling brain I saw my mangled body sink below.
The pirates would soon slay me, let my mangled body sink below.

I prayed death would not come slow...

I knew doom was fast approaching, a hundred pirates were encroaching,
Streaming screaming over gangplanks, a fearsome force did o'erflow.
Now came just what I'd been dreading, a pirate to my door was heading.
Just outside my chamber came: a heavy tromping, going slow.
As from a leg made out of wood: heavy tromping, going slow.

I intended to lay low.

Like a rabbit I was shaking, teeth a-chatter, legs a-quaking.
Now I heard the sounding knocker, swinging to and fro
In that dreadful sounding knocker, I heard Davey Jones's locker.
That place where all dead seamen go, gaping wide for me below.
My fate was clear, my place I know, gaping wide for me below.

I hoped death would not come slow...

All thought, save for terror, fled, dropping from my awestruck head.
Suddenly the door stove in, now smitten by a mighty blow!
And now a fearsome buckaneer, upon whose face there lay a sneer,
Peered and jeered as if to show he was indeed a pirate pro.
Shook his hook as if to show he was indeed a pirate pro.

Quoth the pirate, "Yo ho ho!"

His dextrous skill was quite amazing, as he set himself to raising
In but a moment's time his body up atop the door from low.
In another instant's boosting, now the nasty guy was roosting!
Crouching nasty pirate roosting, roosting on my bust of Poe.
It was maddening, this roosting, standing on the head of Poe.

This I let the pirate know.

"What is it you think you're after? Why not stand upon a rafter?
Anything else, you nasty bastard, but my lovely bust of Poe!"
This in outrage I did mention, but he gave me no attention.
The pirate kept his evil vigil, grinning at my soulfull woe.
He just sat upon the bust, smirking at my soulfull woe.

Quoth the pirate, "Yo ho ho."

Did this ruffian dare mock me? "Come down now or I shall sock thee!"
Spitting mad I bravely shouted, "Now you are now my greatest foe!"
He merely stared off into space, his face a work of pirate grace.
Gazing down with calm composure, he did not a feeling show.
His good eye was fixed upon me, no emotion did it show.

Quoth the pirate, "Yo ho ho."

The statement was inscrutable, my visitor immutable.
How could I bear this crucible, whose purpose I had yet to know?
I gazed in blank bewilderment, as still above the pirate bent,
Still he crouched atop the bust, causing my suspence to grow.
Still he stared without a movement, watching my suspences grow.

Utt'ring nought but, "Yo ho ho."

"Pirate!" said I, "thing of evil! Pirate still if man or devil!
Get thee back onto thy ship, and sail away with ocean's flow!
Forget thy sword and leave my gold, or kill me now and leave me cold,
For sake of God or Hell below, get thee off my bust of Poe!
Make not thy departure slow, and get thy self from off of Poe!"

Quoth the pirate, "Yo ho ho."

And the pirate goes on squawking, sitting up above and gawking,
Like a sickly parrot sulking up atop that bust of Poe.
Up on deck the crew succeeded, gained the upper hand they needed,
The raiders were repelled and did not again their faces show.
But one still's within my chamber, why he's there I'll never know.
Grinning still with thoughts of sinning, up atop my bust of Poe.

Saying nought but, "Yo ho ho."