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Allow me to take you on a journey, to a place where youve never been before,
A place where love is the only Law, and passion is its enforcer. For in this place
One can know true love, one can experience true devotion & bask in true pleasure.
Its a place like no other, though you may have been in love before, youve never been
Here. Here is where your fantasies become reality, where desires are fulfilled.
Know the beat of a heart that desires you, know the devotion of a soul that serves only
To please you. A kiss to the lips, a nibble on the ear, a lick to the neck, you can get it all here.
Forget about work, family, and problems of the day, come to this place to escape and lose
Yourself in ways which you never imagined. The hot tub is waiting, champagne on ice,
Lights dimmed low, fireplace burning bright. You see the place I refer to is the place in my heart
Where Ive prepared a home for you, so that we never have to depart. A dream you say I am, no baby this is reality, for dreams are temporary and often fade away, but I wont fade away, Ill remain, till my dying day. For you see in my arms is truly your place to be, where comfort & love abound, and passion rules the night. Let me lick you up & down, let me caress you & take away all fear.
As we join our bodies together as one, moving in syncopation, knowing that this will never end.
As I hold you close to my heart your eyes says take me, and as my lips kiss your body your mouth says eat me. Like a piece of cake on a wedding day I take you and delight in the pleasures in knowing that forever you are mine. Ahhh its almost as if I can feel you now, squirming in my arms, body perspiring, tongue rolling over your lips, as I massage you in those areas of pleasures. Like orchestrated movement, we are in sync, reaching the climax of mountaintops, we explode like volcanoes. Fervent heat fuels our passion, screams & moans, our driving force. Time has stopped, for it means nothing here, you are all that matters in this place. Can you see the tear in my eye? Yes men do sometimes cry, for the sheer pleasure of knowing you are by my side. So think about it my invitation stands, come to this place I call my HeartLand.