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Nola Bhe


Gulf Shores, AL, US

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Nola Bhe

TIME is such a fragile thing
It slips right thru our hands
To hover in the noonday sun
Like waves of shifting sand

TIME will put a mind at rest
And heal a broken heart
It passes by so quickly - how
to know when did it start

TIME It's gift to everyone
is how you use it, true,
To waste or let it fly on by
Can turn, come back to you

TIME may come and go at will
Control to have it stay
we grasp, hold on and cling - but yet
It always has it's Way

all rights reserved



Nola Bhe

Oh! Hail to thee blythe spirit
From where you did begin
To seek and strive to live it
And someday have it end -

Between these spheres you have a choice
Look inward and be bold
Or, tune into anothers voice
Dependent to be told -

I charge to thee blythe spirit
To know yourself is just
Within, you can but give it
To guide, to love, to trust

All rights reserved



Nola Bhe

YOU LOOK and see my smiling face,
my lips, my shining hair
I LOOK and press my mind beyond
to try and read what's there

YOU LOOK and note the clothes I have,
the shoes upon my feet
I LOOK and tune my inner self
to find what's underneath

YOU LOOK to hear my mouth speak words,
no action has begun
I LOOK at what's beyond those sounds
what victories have you won

We need to make a start -
To fuse our worlds together
We each must do our part



Nola Bhe

I close my eyes, my mind expands
to travel out thru space
The wonders there my soul unfolds
Are more than I can face

The colors like I've never seen
The silence shrieks aloud
The stars explode and scatter light
A place I've never been

A sudden turn and once again
My conscious thoughts extend
A mad array of harmony
A flood of sound begins

With ice and fire I ride the clouds
The moon will give me rest
How can I bear the beauty there
To give no less than best