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Swagata Bhattacharya


Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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Tell me


Swagata Bhattacharya

Tell me if you've seen me there
Helpless as my wounds lay bare
Numb with pain and wild with fear
Stitch by stitch the sutures tear

Tell me if on a sublime dawn
You saw me weep as the sun was born
Pure and clear, of defences shorn
Soaring into ether; the strings all torn

Tell me if on a day in fall
You heard my mindless muffled call
Autumn leaves on my unguarded pall
So have you seen me ever, at all?

Moments of sand


Swagata Bhattacharya

As roses and dreams wither alike
At the touch of a callous hand,
As a gift of love befitting me
You promised desert sand.

Grains that fall not from my clasp yet quicken the pace of time,
That freeze every moment still; let eternity slip by.
From royal ruins and countless dunes of a magic-coloured land,
The elixir of immortal life - an hour worth of sand.

If some dust still remains after all is spent away
On the carmine, barren, laterite plain I'll sow few seeds of sand
And from the harvest that I reap, I'll weave with clumsy care,
To adorn the bleak walls of my home, a little wreath of sand.