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Mahendra Bhatnagar


Gwalior, Madhya-Pradesh, India

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Mahendra Bhatnagar

Initiation of life
once more
without any intuitive percipience
or the prenatal connectivity!

Is it necessary to link
'present' to the 'past'?
even when it is difficult to fathom
the depth of real life?

Life : not an enigma?
Its significance may be simple
its connotation profound
without any sub-plot
or predicamental queasy wounds!

Deeper the quest -
agonizing propensity,
closer search for relevance-link -
more bewilderment!

Is the present overborne
by distress and gloom?
Is the glossy citadel of faith
targeted by the missile of suspicion?
No, never!



Mahendra Bhatnagar

At midday
despairing and crestfallen
I bemoan
I am not
by your side!

drowsy and dreamy
I peer constantly
at the path
through the door ajar!

The searing sun
blears the eyes more.
The sizzling, striding
wind herald
conveys your tidings.
Perceiving your arrival
instantly springing up,
I enfold her in my arms
and clasp her
in a soothing, comfy embrace.

With the waning noon
my agony
deepens more and more!