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Supriya Bhandari


Moga, Punjab, India

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Supriya Bhandari

The damp night came trickling down on the cinders inside,
the cool air stung and the pain spread in my whole being.
I saw myself bursting into splinters.
My heart was not mine, it refused to listen me.
Engrossed in your love and memories,
it became an alien to me.
The night was creeping at a low pace,
smouldering me in the fire of passion and possession,
I craved for you, I yelled a silent cry.
My silence was engulfing me.
You were nowhere but everywhere,
I felt like telling you my trouble,
you were smiling, looking aloof,
the poise on your face told me
the truth I detested to know.
It was nothing but the beginning,
beginning of waiting,
wait where seconds turn into centuries.
this wait may end in next birth or may not,
you told me to be patient,
you returned my raving heart to me,
your wisdom made me frantic
your serenity left me raging.