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Khalid Maurice Bey


Atlanta, GA, US

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The Science of Life


Khalid Maurice Bey

I surround you, like air
When you leave the room, I will always be there
You cannot escape me
I am the one spy, from which noone can hide
You cannot negate me
I am the specimen: I do exist: believe, me I never lied
A spectacle, a debacle, an oracle, a medicinal capsule
No you are wrong, with no right to rule.
I control the world, for I am the omnipresent molecule

Evil, The Debate


Khalid Maurice Bey

People are afraid of me.
I make the papers flourish and profit.

I expose love. I accompany hate.
I make myself powerful.
To me, noone relates.

To some,I am confusing.
Others are fully aware.
When circumstance aren't right, I am inevitably there.

I wield my swords and dangerous curses,
from intricate plans and
beautifully woven purses.
When I wield my swords, they form one dangerous rod.
I have one universal fear, the fear of God.

When you speak of Evil, the component it may be,
is it denial or the mystique you see?
I may be around, the conditions tell the story.

Oh my, here is God.
There goes my time.
He rules.
I, have no glory.

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