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Cambridgeshire, England, UK

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Someone Special



Ive told you things that I never could tell
I think of you every time I want to yell,
You make me feel things ive never felt
And help me deal with the bad I have been dealt.
You mean more to me than the stars at night
And every time I see your face, I feel as high as a kite.
I love you more than any action could show
And I know with you, I can be me, let myself go.
To you I am willing to give my everything
All that you want, all that happiness will bring.
You are worthy of more than I could give
But I promise Ill be here for you, as long as I live




I dont know what to write
Ive been sitting here all night,
I cant seem to work it out
My mind is full of doubt,
Dont know which way to turn
As all the feelings inside still churn.
Looking for the right direction
Trying to make some sort of conection,
With a little light in my life
All that shines is a silver knife.
I want my thoughts to be clear
I dont want to carry this fear,
The pain I cannot describe
My only wish now is suicide.
A peaceful feeling is what I need
A single cut and Ill succeed.