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Rene Bennett


St. Louis, MO, US

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No One Else Sees


Rene Bennett

Spirit of night
no one else sees
patiently waits
for darkness to be.

Cleverly hiding
in shadows nearby
as stale humid air
feels muggy yet dry.

Demon of evil
as I can foretell
came from the pits
of damnation's Hell.

I know when you linger
I feel you
anxiously waiting
as I am too.

And as my eyes close
I sense your delight
preparing for war
in the midst of the night.

With cowardly ways
you fight unfair
only to strike
when my mind's unaware.

The strength of your touch
takes my breath from me
as you attack fast
and forcefully.

I've seen you growl
I've heard you hiss
felt the strong force
of your deadly kiss.

I've looked in your eyes
black as coal
stood face to face
and fought for my soul.

I've come to know you
as you well know me
yes, this nightly battle
no one else sees.

The Gift


Rene Bennett

He came to me
was here last night
held my hand
swore it would be alright.

With soft spoken words
and deep trust in his eyes
he spoke of a place
where serenity lies.

Promising to help
guide the way
said he'd be back
for a visit today.

I finally spoke up
for I desired it bad
my soul was aching
for this peace he had.

With such a beautiful gift
I asked why to me he came
he replied, "I am your angel
and Death is my name."



Rene Bennett

Waiting for Death
but He never comes
though I know
He's visiting someone.

He once knocked at my door
But I wasn't home
yet, when He left
He wasn't alone.

Instead He visited
my lover, my friend.
Then He tried
to visit again.

But again I was gone
so He went next door
and visited grandma
then came back once more.

Rearing His head
with anger and hate
missing me again
but again sealed my fate.

For it was Mom
who answered that door
so He took her
to even the score.

So, now here I sit
and wait for that knock.
The one I've heard
but never got.

I know He's out there
visiting someone
and I'm still waiting
to be the next one.

October Rain


Rene Bennett

I remember the tears
with yesterdays pain
that dreadful year
of October rain.

Darkened skies
with clouds of grey
gloom which followed

Hidden in shadows
fate lurked at me
a game of life
which took three.

With each breeze
of passing wind
fate just laughed
at me again.

Cold wet rain
stained my face
salty tears
I could taste.

As I looked
up to the sky
I could not help
but wonder why.

My soul screamed
with terror and pain
that dreadful year
of October rain.

Forever and a Day


Rene Bennett

I woke up this morning
thinking of you
reached for your warmth
as I always would do.
Your side of the bed
was empty with fold
pillows in place
untouched and cold.
I did not smell coffee
the news was not on
things seem so different
since you are gone.
Your sweet smelling scent
is fading away
so I cling to your memory
in every possible way.
Motivating myself
is a struggle to do
hard to see sunshine
when feeling so blue.
They say it gets better
as time goes by
to look for the good
at least give it a try.
Something happened
at work today
I started to call you
right away.
Sadly remembering
I hung up the phone
you were not there
God took you home.
My heart is hurting
my soul cries with pain
I've got nothing to lose
got nothing to gain.
Time is one asset
I have plenty to spare
holding on tight
going nowhere.
I'm looking for good
as I have been told
reaching for warmth
yet, shiver with cold.
Darling, I miss you
in every way
and still loving you
"Forever and a Day."