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Anna Bennett


Indianapolis, IN, US

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Do You Think We're OK?


Anna Bennett

Everyone's sinning
and nobody's winning
in a world that loves to hate.
Babies are dying
and Mothers are lying
about the crack that dictates thier fate.
We've all gotten lazy.
The whole worlds gone crazy.
Don't you see the signs of trouble?
The hole in the Ozone,
Trees that can't be regrown,
and we're living in concrete jungles.
So many in prison,
Why don't you listen?
There's so much crime today.
Walls are tumbling
and Governments crumbling.
Tell me...Do you think we're o.k.?

Run Cried The Wolf


Anna Bennett

Run! cried the wolf.
Run if you can.
See the wolf pant
with your heart in his hand?
You cry out to let it go!
He smiles a devious smile
and softly
Run! cried the wolf
and then pulled on the chain
his hot breath on your neck,
My God, it's insane!
"I love you", said the wolf
and then laughed right out loud
He sneered at your bleeding heart
and whispered,
"Was there ever a doubt
I'd hold your heart
In the palm of my paw
and while you cried and pleaded,
I'd let it fall?"
And so he did, and left it for dead,
then he looked at you as a stranger
and in a cold voice he said,
with a heart of stone and a satisfied grin,
"I don't care if you never love again."