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Dolores Benevento


North Reading, MA, US

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Dolores Benevento

Peeking through the willows breathlessly I wait,
In a field of fragrant flowers prepared to meet my fate.

As you approach I weaken, and lie there in the field,
Visibly I'm shaken, as I begin to yield.

You touch my face so gently, as a butterfly might perch,
Finding my heartbeat quickens, as you begin to search.

Breasts are budding now, as your fingers nimbly stress,
No denying my responses to the powers you possess.

Tracing lines and lingering, you begin your move again,
Traveling deliberately; You are prepared to win.

Sweet nectar flows within me, the potion you have made,
As you tilt to sample, my resistance it does fade.

You look into my eyes and see the sparkle there,
Then I return the marvel, and lie unafraid right here.

We join and work with passion and sweetness unsurpassed,
We writhe and move as one, 'til we reach our peek at last.

We wrap ourselves in splendor, this is one playful game we play,
As we heighten our awareness of lovemaking every day.

Let it never be a burden, our love put to the test,
Hearts beating as one forever, let our passions never rest.

Pocket a Love


Dolores Benevento

Sometimes one must pocket a love, for fear of losing it,
Then gently revisit it without taking it out of its cradle.

Tread carefully, visit the memories of love made, not lost,
Close your eyes and conjure up the moment of pleasure, not the pain.

That pocket is sacred for perhaps it stores an unrequited love,
One you may have shared only in spirit, or it did not endure the test of time.

No matter what it was, its existence was real and profound,
You gave freely and completely from the depths of your soul, unconditionally!

So, think only of the kindness that transpired, the passions exchanged,
Don't dwell on the shadows cast, or the pain of the loss.

Shelter it, keep it close and warm forever and hope forever never ends.
Sometimes one must pocket a love!

Dance to the Music of My Love


Dolores Benevento

Dance to the music of my love,
Sing the lyrics of my song for you,
Listen to the melody
It is strong and warm and wild and wonderful.

Dance to the music of my love,
Deep and throaty spicy notes of moments yet to come,
Harmony... feel it, harmony!

Dance to the music of my love,
Peaking and shifting up and down, Allegro!
Overture of love one movement to the next.

Dance to the music of my love,
Tempo, yours, mine,
Combine, refine so very divine!

Dance to the music of my love,
Stirring vibrations of passion,
Wrap it around you and feel its rapture!

Dance to the music of my love,
Where is it... where does it come from?
From my heart, it plays this endless symphony for you!!