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My Room



I went back to the armchair
To get free of heart's fear
Alone, again, no one will care
When I suffer with a lonely brain

I touch my single wood bed
Thinking how I will get rid
Of her photo in my sick head
Always dream together in rain

My computer has got mad
Denies files and getting sad
Seriously got to become afraid
Love software has a virus again

Love wine



May Twenty at Nine is our Valentine
(__..), have got your freedom?
Now you're only mine

At the early Lovely Morning,
All the birds merely singing
Smile my only darling,
(__..), you're my woman

Come, light the first candle,
let our love live to kindle
Surely we can really handle,
Share me (__..) love wine

Baby Heart



baby adults in paradise
we can easily recognize
bright faces, shiny smiles
faithful hearts, quiet eyes

Those are babies only in hearts
but they are adults in size
they enjoy best life arts
as early as day sunrise

world is full of those babies
you're one of them for sure
only changing in our days
let days enjoy their tour

Love Energy



Let me look at your eyes
Let me see how deep they are
let me enjoy sunrise
No., never be again too far

Let me hold the soft hands
Let me feel your heart pulsing
Let me hear your lovely words
I see you, your lips dancing

Let me kiss your shiny hair
Let me kiss charming neck
Let's love, live and share
Love energy cure the sick