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Pastor James And Brother Ben


Riverside, CA, US

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Pastor James And Brother Ben

Here we go once again
Pastor James And Brother Ben
Breakin Demon necks
You think we cuss what the heck?
We be dropping the lyrical rhymes on repentance
Bound by grace God sent this,
Heaven bound
Preachin' loud and proud.
Bankin' spiritually
You heathens better be hearing me
and Mister Ben
Who underlines his favorite scriptures with his gold flossd pen.
So were just here to say
We don't represent the west
we represent the Best
With him is the only way to win
He doesn't care if you roll a mustang
or a Honda with a fin.

Time To Know


Pastor James And Brother Ben

One more time around
With the O.G. Christ Side Sound
I be Pastor James
Never Playing the Devil's games
And here comes brother Ben
about to break it off once again...

Lived the ghetto life
brought from grief and strife
to everlasting life,
by the Blood of the Holy One
Jesus Christ God's one and only Son
Now here goes Pastor James
Helping to make a change...

Thuggin' and druggin'
Lost girls buggin'
For what?
A piece of my cut?
Made my money slangin'
Got respect for Gang Bangin'
Thought it was the dream life
No kids and no wife.
Got convicted by the Spirit
Brought me close near Him
Repented of my sins and accepted Jesus Christ
And now I have eternal life.
It as simple as this
Give you life to Christ
and be brought from death to life.
Hope to see you all in Heaven.
God bless and were out
Now you now what Pastor James and Brother Ben are all about.