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Jennifer Ben-Khaffed


Clearwater, FL, US

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Jennifer Ben-Khaffed

If I were to ask
A question of one that provoked a heart which is
Sing to me of your pain
Sing to me of your joy
Sing to me of your hardship and then tune me in on survival
I see it in them
I see it in them
I see I do in them
Differences and separations
Try being white you blond blue eyes try being white
You Netherlands flyer, please try being white
Because I haven't seen it in these ones calling themselves what can't be yet in meditation or in electric flame, or in the sun or the stars,
My moon
I haven't seen it except in a mushroom rush where I pushed knowledge with substance then too soon
Try to be this name you call yourself,
But don't call me black unless you want me to be
And don't expect hostility
Chest aglow I'll fly to fertility
As you ache in these prisons below

Some with the skin almost as dark as the night sky
Who bear eyes and electricity
Have more class in the air they exhale than you, so called white
Or so much misled, angry, never being able to shut the fuck up__
Like me
But thank I
Do not have to call myself white to_..
Thank I am not you
Justice on a river top flying through the trees told me to call you and not to say please told me to call you and make a moment freeze told me to scare you down on your knees told me

Tears that blow in the wind shared by the truest of friends my trees
And flutes are playing and none betraying the still ecstasy of lovefulfilling
all desires above
chile I haven't been any of those yet ---- I've angered to make someone know the forgotten

Blowing acres layersands Sahara qualifying order except

The white germans had it all together their qualifications you know have you seen the holocaust museum
Pictures of different placed to make chartscifisense while inside were their souls

Knew they untrue
Keep outside bright and die inner light
Pobrecitos Allemanitos
not la mia

If my hair turns a curl freaking out like
or accept its mystery

I challenge you to see
If my skin turns purple as I run in the sun hot as a furnace
the sea
Don't follow me__..
Don't you dare follow me
That would be mine only

Don't ask me what I've done
When years later you see the light

Mr elk has done so already and a black one he is
Go ahead call me black_____

Il postino as profound as a phd
and as mute as a mule

told me about illusions that we share and care to spreads
do you remember the first time you saw

this mind
keep it mine
and don't ask me to give I'll
tell you

don't know son

mary I get on my knees cada dia
habibi I love you as fire
short one you have my desire

and those

I am
Tired of


a hand

Do you see now what those were trying to tell
Here, a shell

When the fruit has gone
Listen to the sea
Look at the stream

We haven't gotten there
Not yet
who pulls me out but the bankers and the robbers and the creation of clout
That's ok
I amfertile
And grandmamma Peace in your eyes I see sleep

For those who torture feeling an adrenaline rush in their hands and privates

Fire burn!
Times the three.

Killing and not killing me__..the phoeoenix will fly freeeee



Jennifer Ben-Khaffed

I want to tell you what i miss....
crying with you for the first time, and crying with you for the last time...
laughing with you first and final...
hurtng with you....releasing you in hurt
passionate love and furious heat, flickering flames of ecstasy withdrawn

i miss knowing i was first, i miss knowing i was not first and now.

gases and food
watching your spirit grasp and shine thanking mine
holding you
watching your shoulders shake as you tried not to show your salt water roots
solitary time that you thought was selfish by your side that
i thought was peaceful


these thngs i miss.....

i hold you now even as we are not together and i rub your hair that is now anothers
i hope she loves you through and through
i miss you too

now i burn those memories
as i awaken to the sun and fresh air
the forest is around me and the salt water is in the air.
there is no pain here
no pain but for yes no pain,
now i am truly yours
now we are truly one
telling on the mountain what the old man tried to hide in his forgetfulness that yesterday was a shine and that they forgot yesterday to do what we now must trust

the old man always was the one to hold me and guide me
but he gave away what i loved most i felt betrayed
i cried
what climbed to the cliff and
screamed so that the water
then extended to the sky
and beyond i screamed
before i fell hoping to hit a sharp rock
down down below i dropped into the depths low

where no one wants to go where i lay waiting for the seed to pull me above

it's grown now and yet i still feel the sorrow of that indian

i stil wear her pain and his beauty
because there was a time when we didn't have to sacrifice..

there was a time when we didn't know night or right or fight

i knew this too there
so grasping within i swam fierecely forcefully

and still as i came to the shore i knew there was more
to struggle

released and clean i grasped the closest stone and magically it became a rich sweet fruit and that
i wanted to eat

so i walked holding this fruit and i loved again knowing that it was there in my hand

there was a rat at my foot dying from horror from another
and i extended my hand with the fruit he took what he needed
and ran for shelter still

i climbed and looked to sit where i saw a bunny
which hopped onto my leg of sand falling
extending the fruit
bunny hoped off quick with it

now i am getting near the peak

again fruit in hand i see the shedded skin of the serpent my
i lay and wipe off the sand the snake comes to me again
and this time
as it takes the fruit
me and winds
away under the brush so beautiful and lush

that i am wanting to follow my friend who has no end just like the water
the deep sea
the air we breathe the company of a friend who

with you

jennifer thompson ben-khaffed 10.30.00

Dancing with God


Jennifer Ben-Khaffed

I don't know what he'll be wearing, or holding, or if he has anything,
but he exists.
I must believe this
if only in my dreams.

God I have hurt with the men
God I have hurt with these men
God are there any good men, whom I can love and hold and bless

God will you hold me so that I know you are here.

I expand to you my thoughts, however

I give you what I can give no one

My life

Hold me close
while we