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Gershom Ben-Avraham


Moshav Shorashim, Israel

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Gershom Ben-Avraham

We all have different roads to take
Different parts on this stage to play
Yet often we stop or hesitate
Our feet are made of clay

What to say and what to do
So many choices for us to make
And when we've lived our whole life through
We'll know if a difference we did make

It may seem the point of no return
we passed some time ago
the wages of war duly earned
though the price was hardly low

Time we have in uncertain measure
It waits not for you and I
The life we're given, a priceless treasure
The greatest loss is not to try

So look up, the stars still shine
And day still follows night
In the end we'll all be fine
As long as someone keeps up the fight

It Is


Gershom Ben-Avraham

It was
there are





One. Only One.
many. too many

It will be.
will we?

What Will Be Maybe


Gershom Ben-Avraham

An old man.
But maybe not so old.
Maybe worn down by the
knowledge that tomorrow will be like so many
All alone.
But maybe not so alone.
Maybe surrounded by the memories of what was
and what could have been.
And so he was left with his thoughts,
still searching for what he could have been
but not finding it
because he had discarded it
years before without knowing what it was.
At last, here it was, staring back at him.
So he reached for it.
And he was gone.

Shattered Lives


Gershom Ben-Avraham

Few words more deceiving
than the words "Seeing is believing."
Why accept what's seen or said
if reality is a severed head?

Twisted metal, broken glass
Wicked, cruel, random blast

Shattered lives and bitter tears
Muffled screams no one hears

A woman shudders by the Gate
She's alive because she's late

Jerusalem, now Tel Aviv
Little alike, both bereaved

Jaffa Gate, Dizengoff Square
People stop, stand and stare

Get a bucket and a mop
The sacred process must not stop

This is now the standard line
Why should we respond in kind?

So very late to call their bluff
We must unite and scream 'enough'!



Gershom Ben-Avraham

Sound bites
Traffic lights
Video clips
Virtual hype

Military might
Shelling bright
Ethnic cleansing
Human blight

White nights
Skinhead rites
Jack boots
Equal rights

Gang fights
Gun sights
Young bloods
L.A. alight

Golan Heights
Assad contrite
All or nothing
Who's uptight?