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Andrew Bell


Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

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Intro: A Poets Love for a Taiwanese


Andrew Bell

A Poet tells his story, from beginning to end
About a man on a journey to find a close friend
His love was a vision a moment in time
That came from the Orient... and transformed his life

With a Social Science Masters the Peoples Reform
She decided to travel to widen her scope...
English the subject she wanted to study
She left her home in Taiwan, some say in a hurry

Pinpointing a colour some green on the map
Her Destiny changed when she walked in the shop
Our eyes met for the first time, it blew me away
I had to find a reason to get her to stay.

02 The Slow Day


Andrew Bell

The Morning’s nearly over
So what should we do?
No customers in sight
A beckoning you_

The sound of the door
A thought to deliver
It’s only the Postie
Delivering a letter!

His Mail Bag I reckon
A signal to call
Brown, White window envelopes
Impatiently fall

An overdue payment
an Invoice, a Bill
Are calling to credit
The payment withheld

Withheld for a reason
A Cash Flow of Sorts_
Due to the Season
a Customer Short

Short is a Station
a moment in Time
A feeling half empty
to what you will find

A sound at the Door_
the telephone line
A Client a Customer
a Payment Divine!

01 All Seasons The Company


Andrew Bell

All Seasons the Company
Activities Tall
Adventure and Tours
Enticing for all_

Walking, Rafting, Fishing too
Just some of the Activities you can do
Clubs, Office Staff_ Tourists and all_
You can stand and make the call

Call our man a friendly voice
A professional insight to make your choice?
Rise above and join the best
You will find that you’ve been blest

Something different_ something new_
What a choice of things to do
All Seasons try and win the Gold
To give the Client something Bold_

Old, New, an experience divine...
Life’s exciting, a journey through time
You’re in control, to sample and taste
All Seasons delivers your choice in the Race!

03 My Future Walked Inside


Andrew Bell

The Moment My future walked inside
I had to stop, pause, and realise...
I was currently on a case
A sale of Insurance at lightning pace

I had to work fast to clear my desk
My eyes transfixed without a rest
I cut through all the terms and conditions
The Policy left the shop... with the customers winnings

My mind and thoughts were focused true
On her oriental beauty shining through
This young woman’s face, with the big brown eyes
Her black hair, her body, it mesmerised

No artificial products invade her skin
Her complexion fair as the time ran in
The brilliance of her shinny teeth
Put mine to shame

I had never been so high
I felt my heart, soul, touch the sky
5’10" _nearly as tall as me
Her hair swept back as she glanced at me

As I approached the silent stare
I started to deliver_
Good morning I said in a clear strong voice
"Welcome to Edinburgh"

04 The Sale


Andrew Bell

Our communication was slow at first
She was silent and reserved
I bamboozled her with my fly by chat
My voice was in control

My experience, my knowledge, my salesman art
Was flowing like a script
The questions the answers came bouncing back
10 / 20 in a row

The conversation gathered pace
I carried on to win the race
I soon discovered the reason why
She came into the Shop

Mei-ling... her name, had just arrived
Her suitcase still intact
She decided to walk the floor that day
Too see where it was at

Walking past the windows
she stopped to take a chair
The girl was first attracted too
The options on display

Another customer came right on in
I was stuck in turmoil
A kind acknowledgment to where they're at
And I was back to play

I introduced my world to her
She was immediately smitten
3 days trekking in the Cairngorms
Certainly got her thinking!

After I secured the sale
I had somewhere to go
Her personal details, name and flat
Are things I had to know

I was mostly talking shop
As 60 minutes passed the clock
While building up the story blocks
My world was full of hope

Senses tingled in auto flow
As this Oriental beauty stood so close
My heart my stomach, the butterflies
Were flying high before my eyes

05 Now the Sale is over


Andrew Bell

Now the sale is over my questions were more direct
I asked her if she... "Knew Anyone?"
"Been Anywhere?"
"Seen Anyone?"
Her answer was "not yet!"

What an exciting prospect was presented at my door
I decided to offer my services as a "Caddie Guide", of sorts!
My knowledge of our great City was Solid as a Rock!
See the Royal Mile with me? "Come-on", lets take a walk?

06 Walk The Mile


Andrew Bell

My thoughts and feelings I’ll share with you
My City Edinburgh Welcomes you
I feel its joy, I feel its pain
We’ll walk through the streets, in the pouring rain!

Walk the Mile and you will see
A fascinating World, "Our History"
Great Scholars, Thinkers, Princes and Kings
Have walked in your footsteps, the feeling begins

We will walk and see our turbulent past
In the Cobbles, Closes and Tenement Stands
The stench of the City now vanished and gone
But the sign ‘o’ the Times, "Remains"_ "Never gone"!

You have got to look past the obvious to see within
Worn step at the Bowfoot, the Water Well
I wonder what stories she’d tell in her day
Of the life ‘o’ the times on a Mercat Day?

Mercat Folk, Caddies, Townsmen and all
City Literates, Constables walking the cob
The Gatherings, Proclamations, Executions Galore!
Were Cut, near the centre ‘o’ the Mercat Cross

Look up at the window in the Tenement Block
And think ‘o’ the Prospect, as seen from the top?
Gallows, the Crowd, a Spectators Sport
Guilty, Innocent, their walk to the Drop!

Ideas, discoveries, innovations and all
Were discussed, detailed, in the Parliament Hall
Literary Masters_ "Poems", penned in Rhime!
A Poetic Benediction of The Life, ‘o’ the Times!