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Angel Beliveau


Ontario, CA, US

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Every Night Occurrences


Angel Beliveau

Tales that are unrealistic comes alive.
Fear is casted upon me.
It runs through my veins,
My blood,
It takes over me.

I lose all control.
My palms sweat,
My heart races,
Tears stream down my face.
Why does this happen?

All that's in my past haunts me.
It's a plague,
A curse,
A disease i can never get rid of.

Disturbing images
Run through my mind, for a moment,
I forget how to breathe,
Forget how to scream.

I awake;
Catch my breath;
Try to make sense of what happened.
It felt so real; could it only be in my head?

Tire and restless;
My nights are hell.
They know my fears.
They know my weaknesses.
They destroy the ones I love.
They want my soul,
Fill my heart with darkness,
Leave me empty.
They haunt me every night.
They are my nightmares.
Without them I would not be me...

A True Fantasy (dedicated to Joseph)


Angel Beliveau

I dream of your touch
As my body temperature rises.

I long for the sensation,
Of your body against mine.

I look into your eyes
And they are filled with wisdom and love

Your lips remind me of an orchid,
Soft, elegant, and gentle.

The words you so sweetly speak
Lets me know how romantic you really are.

Darling you have given me something special,
And that is your love, generosity, and this amazing fantasy_