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Tears of Darkness



The tear of darkness is what I shed
no more happy thought of you
As I said
The thought of you makes me so very sad
that i make myself sick
I would have done it all just to be with you
But you through me away like an old shoe
Tossed out like there wasn't a care in the world

My tears of darkness
shed my soul
that is all you have left me with
so it grows so deep and strong
Than when I see your face
it burns a hole through my heart
so I get sicken
All I ever wanted was to be with you
I loved you so very much
But now I see you don't feel the same way so
I cry and shed a tear of darkness for you!




The guy I loved was totally hot
He occupied my every thought
I dreamt of him, both night and day
But never a word did I say
For a girl like me, he was too fine

Only in my dreams, could he be mine
And so I never even tried,

I just stayed in my room alone and cried
In school I'd pass him in the hall

and never say a word at all
He didn't know how much I cared...

I was afraid - I was so scared!
I wanted him so very much that deep inside I hurt,

I wish I knew just what to to act or flirt.
I couldn't stand it anymore, I needed him in my life,

Seeing him with other girls, filled my heart with strife!
I had to try, I had to dare! I had to show him that I cared.

In my room I sat alone, staring at my silent phone
Nobody thought I stood a chance, and that included me

But what I did changed my life, so fast and drastically!
What did I do? What did I say? How does this story end?

That guy so fine is finally mine, he's now my new boyfriend!
All I can say to every girl who doesn't have her man

If I can get the guy I want, then you sure as hell can!
So if you're alone and depressed, cuz you don't have him yet...

Do what I did, find out how to get your guy, at

Redneck's Pride



you're like the warm sunshine,
I think of you all the time,

love your country & live w/ pride,
& dont forget those who died,

I didnt recall seeing the fire burn to ashes,
I guess I should of felt when you touched me,
I should of seen in your eyes

I had to tell you I hate how I hurt you,
but now I know how bad I hurt me too,
I got no right to ask you to forgive me,
but I got no choice because it's about to kill me