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Karol Beauregard


Erie, MI, US

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Look Cheerful


Karol Beauregard

No matter how depressed you feel,
Look Cheerful!
A gloomy face is ungenteel,
Look Cheerful!
Nobody cares about your woes,
Each has his sorrows, goodness knows!
So why should you your grief disclose?
Look Cheerful!
Though you are blue as indigo,
Look Cheerful!
You're prettier when you smile, you know!
Look Cheerful!
The world abhors a gloomy face,
And tales of woe are commonplace,
So stir yourself, and take a brace..
Look Cheerful!

Blue Sky's


Karol Beauregard

Play you're the golden sunshine
And let the sky be blue.

When you are feeling blue, lad,
And half inclined to cry,
You're at the job-- 'tis true, lad--
Intended for the sky.

The sunshine role sits better
On husky chaps like you--
Then be a human sunbeam;
Let but the sky be blue.



Karol Beauregard

The bread that brings strength, I want to give
The water pure that bids the thirsty,I want to give
To help the fainting day by day
As I'm not sure I shall pass again this way,
Before I leave, I want to give!

The oil of joy for tears, I want to give,
The faith to conquer doubts and fears; I want to give,
Beauty for ashes may I give always;
As I'm not sure I shall pass again this way,
Before I leave, I want to give!

Into the angry hearts, I want to pour,
A good measure of love, running till it's running over,
To answer softly of the wrath, running away,
As I'm sure I shall not pass again this way,
Before I leave, I want to give!

To help others know hope and faith
To do all that the Master says,
To live for others from day to day
As I'm not sure I shall pass again this way,
Before I leave, I want to give!

Is It I Lord


Karol Beauregard

Loosing a friend from life to death
Hoping their soul goes to a new breath
Too beauty, and glory we are told about
For no one comes back to confirm or to doubt.

Why does the Lord take away my best friends?
What gives me the right to ask?

Do I just choose your good angels with glory?
Or are you planning my homecoming early?

To start a new life, in your glory?



Karol Beauregard

Memories take you back,
Back to days gone by.
Sometimes they make you smile,
Sometimes they make you cry.

Re-live the past you mind does say,
As hopes and fears build along the way.
For no control has this present day,
and memories take your mind away.

Those happy times yes those to dwell,
Bring smiles and tears and feelings well.
Many more I wish my mind could store,
For those were few and fly out the door.

Come back! Come back! Don't go away.
But today and tomorrow, I'll make more to stay.