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Ben Beaulieu


Irvine, CA, US

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Dark Angels


Ben Beaulieu

I know an angel called death
A whispering shadow,
Lingering on my soul

I know an angel called sorrow,
A figure of clever distraction
Drawing my eyes to nothing

The friends of my sanity
The rulers of my eternity
The patrons of torment

So my angels play with my thoughts
Death is an escape, not an answer
Sorrow is only one emotion in many

But I am no longer looking for answers
Escape is all I desire
The angel covers my heart with its wings

Emotions no longer hold value
The distraction has served its purpose
The angel blinds my eyes with tears

I know an angel called death
A friend where none an be found
An answer where escape is an option

I know an angel called sorrow
The road to the angel called death
Welcoming me gladly into his embrace